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    The world of the Hollows, the missing heart

    Arturo Plateado
    Arturo Plateado

    The world of the Hollows, the missing heart Empty The world of the Hollows, the missing heart

    Post by Arturo Plateado on Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:34 am

    Opening his eyes, the darkness began to lift only to reveal something even more dark and ominous than what was there with his eyes closed. Lifting his hand to his face the only thing he could feel was something hard and not the soft face he was used to. Looking at his hand he now had greenish skin along with sharp fingernails that made his fingers look like that of a demon. Letting out a loud cry Arturo knew this was the end of his humanity and that he was now a savage beast of some sort. Raising to his feet he could not help but feel a dry burning sensation deep in his throat, a feeling that he was thirsty for something. "I am nothing but a beast... everything I did back there was all for nothing. I am sorry Shimada and my students. I have let you down in that life. Now this a life of my own now! You are all dead and I am alive here. Somewhere none of you are, hopefully we see each other again someday. Until then I might as well jump into this life that I am dealt with now!" Focusing his inner power Arturo began to glow a dark red color as other Hollows in the area began to gather around him and dissolve away into spirit particles and be absorbed into Arturo's being. Once every Hollow around him was absorbed he looked around for any survivors to devour to take care of this hunger that he kept on feeling. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a Hollow trying to run away from the spot, this one was rather crafty hiding under a rock to avoid being absorbed by the ability Arturo appeared to have. "Do not think you can escape from me, in this world it is survival of the fittest! You are the weakest compared to me!" Jumping in the area that the Hollow was running away, Arturo got on top of the Hollow's back and quickly dug his claws into its neck. Pulling the head off of its body, Arturo began to devour the Hollow's head beginning to quench his thirst and hungry in one go. Looking around he began to try and find his way around to where he can become the king of this world.

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    Arturo Plateado
    Arturo Plateado

    The world of the Hollows, the missing heart Empty Re: The world of the Hollows, the missing heart

    Post by Arturo Plateado on Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:39 am

    Continuing his search for more hollows to absorb, Arturo began to feel a deeper power surge from within him. As his power grew it began to burst out of his body as he stood there. Many hollows began to appear from behind rocks and beneath the sand. Looking around himself with a shocked look as hundreds of hollows were surrounding him. "My power may be out of control in this moment, however I'm not going to lose here!" He began to use his power to absorb all of the hollows that were closer to him.

    The power he was absorbing began to make his power surge even more. His body began to dissolve as a giant mass of spirit energy began to form around him. A large black cloak began to appear as his main body grew taller and a larger white mask appeared over his face. Finally reopening his eyes as he finished this new transformation, all he could see was the sky. Arturo knew that he had become the size of a skyscraper and had gained enormous power. Looking down in front of him only half of the army remained from before. Holding out his fingers he began to charge a strange green light on his finger tips. Firing the strange light he then took out what remained of the army in only a matter of seconds.

    "That was weak as you can possibly get. Those weak flies were not even worth my time. Time for me to move on." Arturo was heavily annoyed with those weak hollows showing their faces before him like that. "Weak pests, they don't belong in this world, the world of the strong."

    Turning to the left of himself he began to walk towards what looked like remains. The remains looked like ancient building that was now in ruin. These very ruins caught his attention since he could feel a feint sense of power coming from there. Something that he had wanted for himself to absorb and use against his enemies. With a new goal in mind to rule over this dimension and then conquer others. If Arturo was to take over this pack of weaklings that roam this desert he felt he could control the world with very little effort. Wanting to learn everything he could about this world first was going to be a top priority. However finding a base of operations was holding a high place in his mind. Not having a home was going to make things difficult to work on his plans and host an army one day. That is where those ruins came to mind, they were going to be rebuilt and serve as his base and home.

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