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    Deep in the heart of pain...

    Hana Yasashī
    Hana Yasashī

    Deep in the heart of pain... Empty Deep in the heart of pain...

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:57 pm

    Deep in the heart of the Rukongai, Hana had set up a small tent with different amenities. It was designed to assist the injured and sickly in the Rukongai. She sat for a moment, thinking of the pain she's caused for several people, herself included, and wondered what it'd be like if she hadn't let time escape her grasp. She was forcibly snapped back to reality when an injured man walked into the tent. He was helped by two medical Shinigami onto a bed. Hana rushed to his aid the moment he arrived. She looked thoroughly at the man's injuries and concluded that he was suffering from a bruised fourth rib, dislocated shoulder, and a broken left leg. Taking these ailments into consideration and proscribed the right treatments.

    "Get me a local anesthetic, two braces, and five feet of bandage."

    Hana said as the medical Shinigami rushed around. Taking the braces, she fitted the man's leg between them. After she tied it up tight, she made sure that the leg was set. Once that was completed, she bandaged up the man's chest as gently as possible while keeping the bandage firm enough to help. Once that was also completed she moved to the most painful part of the job. She rested her hand upon the man's chest gently and spoke sweetly.

    "I apologize sir. This is going to hurt quite a lot, but it's necessary to heal you."

    She said as she positioned the man's arm outwards. In an instant she yanked hard on the man's arm, setting the joint back in place with a pop. The man yelled in pain but soon was soothed by the relief of pain. In that instant, Hana felt gratified at what she'd done. Nodding lightly to herself, she was content now. Looking down at him, Hana would inject a local anesthetic in the man's leg to numb the pain. Smiling softly, she made sure the man was comfortable and give him a cup of water. Once she had finished, she returned to her small corner with a desk, doing paperwork on what just happened. She'd need to requisition more anesthetic and other medical supplies. It was after writing up her requisition forms that she heard a commotion outside the tent. She got up, taking her Zanpaktou with her and resting it upon her back. Once she reached outside, her eyes laid upon a singular woman with a knife fending off two skinny men. It was a sad sight, to see them fighting over medicine and other amenities that Hana could easily take for granted. She placed her right hand on her hip which was inches away from the Tsuka of her Zanpaktou. Her left hand rested at her side as she walked over to the three. Once there she spoke up after clearing her throat.

    "Does there seem to be a problem?"

    The men scoffed at the fragile looking Shinigami woman and yelled towards her saying that it was none of her business and to walk away. Hana sighed lightly as she planted a kick firm to one of the men's stomachs. This sent him to keel forward in pain. The other man got angry and charged at Hana. Though, to her, the man was seeming moving a bit slow. Kind of like he was letting her react. In a moment's notice, at least to those around her, she was behind the man giving him a little 'push' towards where he was moving. To the men and those watching, she looked like a blur out of nowhere just whisking around to the back of the man. After the man fell upon the floor, Hana placed her left hand upon the woman's shoulder and spoke aloud.

    "These men aren't worth our time. Lets go get you checked out at the clinic."

    Hana said, helping the woman towards the tent. She spoke outwards at the men and any who were listening as she walked away.

    "The clinic is open to all who need medical assistance. No exceptions."

    Hana finally made it into the tent with the woman. Sitting her down upon a bed, she examined the woman's body gently and carefully while speaking to her.

    "Is everything ok? Do you want to talk about it?"

    The woman shyly looked away and shook her head. She couldn't be more than what looked like eighteen years of age. She was a kind looking woman with gentle blonde hair. Her eyes seemed soft and pulsed with a tender shyness seen only by Hana once in her lifetime. Smiling a moment, Hana would rest her hand upon the woman's knee and speak softly to her.

    "Well you're safe here. We'll take care of your needs as best we can. Do you have any pain?"

    The woman nodded slowly and pointed to her left arm. After a moment of soft movements, Hana was able to see the injury. It was a simple surface cut with a bit of blood but no real issue if taken care of. She smiled lightly and grabbed some gauss, bandage, and disinfectant. After cleaning and bandaging up the wound, Hana allowed the woman to rest easy on the bed. Sighing contently once more, she wondered how often she'd have to run to the rescue of someone outside the tent. Since she was in the heart of hostility, it might be quite a lot actually.

    Of course, almost on que, the moment she finished that thought she heard yet another commotion outside. Hana stood up once more and walked outside the tent. The moment she laid eyes upon two individuals and was actually taken aback by the sight. She saw an elderly man, barely able to stand of his own volition attempting to carry a sickly girl about the age of no more than twelve. In a rush, she called over a medical Shinigami to assist her. With patience and fluid motions, she managed to carry the girl into a bed and another Shinigami helped the elderly man to a bed as well. Looking at the girl, Hana would make her prognosis.

    The girl was breathing shallowly, injured on the arm, and was running a fever. It seemed that a case of infection had appeared upon Hana's lap. An easy fix if she reached her in time. She could only hope of course. With little hesitation, she barked out orders once more.

    "Get me some antibiotics, an intravenous drip, gauss, and some bandages."

    Once the materials had been given to her, she managed to give the girl an Antibiotic IV drip. Once that was finished she cleaned the wound and bandaged it up once more. They were out of the fire, and now on the pot. Looking towards the elderly man she spoke lightly.

    "I've done what I can. Now all we can do is wait for her to respond to treatment. And if she does she'll be fine."

    She said. Looking at the man she noticed that he too had a laseration upon his arm. It wasn't infected yet, but it was still bleeding. Hana walked over and bandaged it up after cleaning it. She rested her hand upon the elderly man's and spoke lightly.

    "Who did this to you and her?"

    The man explained that the gang fights in the area cause innocent people to get caught in the middle because all of them ask for protection money and none of them actually protect anything. It was a sad story. Plus, Hana wasn't able to do anything about it at the moment because she was on a mission of sorts. In a way, she was an intern of the fourth division and thus, the teachers at the Academy knew she was alright and learning. Though, they'd like her to learn other skills instead of course. Sighing at this, she managed to get everyone helped at the moment. She decided to take a break and go do some practicing to cool her heels as it were.

    She managed to enter into the woods of the area not far from the tent. She'd read some books and talked with the houho teachers on the subject, and she'd managed to intake enough information to allow herself to self-teach Shunpou. She started by planting her feet firmly upon the ground. She stared at her destination and concentrated upon it. She started to well her spiritual power into a thin line, almost like a track to her destination. Once she finished, she attempted to get herself to slide down that track. It didn't work. She then decided it would be a bit more efficient to use it instead as a propelling agent. So she attempted this instead. Planting her right foot down upon the leaves she encased her sole in Reiatsu. She then released that in one burst. This sent her speeding forward but not at Shunpo speeds. Hana managed to plant her feet inside of the ground, coming to a grinding halt. Sighing, she decided to do something else for now. She was having a bit of trouble actually managing Shunpo with her mind wandering like a slot machine bar. With in a few movements, she propelled herself high into the sky to reach the top of a tree. Hana managed to plant herself on top of the tree and look outwards towards the tent. She could see clear to Seireitei's towering Seki-Seki stones. She sighed in happiness now. She was no longer content. She was legitimately happy now. To see the array of beauty that's somewhat like the World of the Living. Well, it was beyond interesting to say the least. It was joyful actually. She was more than happy to see such a gentle rolling sea of green not unlike the Forrest she visited. Her brief memories of Fear came back to her almost like a plague. She felt bad for causing some grief by leaving like that. She needed to get back to the tent and the World of the Living.

    Her eyes closed as a quick breeze washed over Hana's face. This breeze brought with it bad omens however, as she could now hear fighting and yelling being carried upon it. She gathered her Reiatsu with in her feet and bolted forward as fast as possible across the sky towards the tent. Once she reached above the tent, she could see a group of gang members yelling and making rude gestures towards the medical Shinigami and patients. The largest man was obviously the leader of said gang. There had to have been about, six men not including the leader. She knew this could easily spiral towards being nothing more than a case of fighting but she didn't want that to happen. She did NOT want that to happen in the least! She planted her foot hard on her own power and propelled herself with supernatural speed. Landing upon the ground she caused a small poof to occur. This caused dirt to poof out from her in a circle. Though the speed of the descent wasn't enough to cause debris or a crater, it was enough to get everyone's attention and to be a bit flashy.

    Hana gently stood upwards and rested her hands upon her hips in a nonthreatening manor. She looked at the tallest man, perhaps seven foot nine inches tall and spoke lightly.

    "What seems to be the trouble?"

    She asked politely and lightly. The man spoke up in a rather deep raspy voice.

    "There's trouble alright! All you Shinigami lot don't belong out here! Go back to where you came and go suck on your thumbs or what ever it is you lot do behind that wall of yours!"

    He seemed to be rather hostile. She sighed only a moment and spoke up.

    "I'm sorry sir I can't do that. We're here to provide medical aid to any who need it. If you're injured physically I can easily arrange fo-"

    She was cut off by the massive guy yelling out to her and taking a few steps forward.


    The man was rather adamant about this it seemed. She sighed once more and surveyed the group of guys. Hana's first instinct was to find a way to diffuse the situation before it escalated into a fight but it seemed there was no avoiding it. Hana's body shifted to the side so that her right side was facing the guys and her left was facing the Shinigami.

    "How long would it take to pack up Division Four's supplies. Just the supplies, not the excess."

    A man replied with an answer of about 2 hours. Of course by this time the leader was growing impatient and starting to even growl. He was barking about that being too long and they needed to leave right now, before someone got hurt. Hana ignored him for now, however, she kept her senses on him. She conversed with the man a bit more before the leader finally gave in to his hostility and aimed a punch directly on the woman's face. The moment it was about to strike her, Hana seemed like a flash as she slid up the man's arm and rested  upon his shoulder.

    "You really shouldn't be so hasty. I was in the middle of discussing the situation with my colleague here."

    Hana had said before she finally stood up and landed on the ground gently looking at the Shinigami once more.


    Hana sighed as she turned towards the man only to see a punch barreling towards her once more. She was able to easily dodge it, as well as the next twenty punches headed her way. This man was a lumbering beast. Sure he was strong but he was slow. He was easily a tier level lower than her in speed and perception. Perhaps he'd get the point? Nah, if he did it wouldn't be that fun! The man finally started huffing and puffing as Hana began to as well.

    "I can keep this up as long as you can. You can't hit me and I'm not strong enough to physically attack you. But I've got one up on you mister. And I'll make my final stand here. If you continue on your path I can not guarantee your safety."

    The man huffed a bit before growling once more and aimed a punch directly for Hana's head. She sighed as she would pivot upon her left foot. This allowed her to guide the man's punch even farther forward than he'd initially intend and cause him to fall flat on his face. He'd rage out once more and get straight up. Once more, he threw a punch towards her. Once more she would pivot on her left and lead him to his face. Though, he attempted once more. This time, Hana did something different. She was a bit fed up with this, so she pivoted to the right this time, allowing her to grab hold of the man's wrist and bend downwards. Using his own weight and momentum, she propelled him across her back and onto the ground with a loud thud. This caused the other men to charge at her.

    In perhaps a moment she managed to put all of these men upon their backs. They rolled lightly as most of them were fairly fragile. The leader of course, seemed a bit hurt more in the pride area than in the actual body. Hana stepped over the bruised men and slowly pushed the Shinigami back into the tent. The fight was over and the men hobbled away with but bruises to claim from the encounter. Hana sighed heavily as she planted herself on the chair. She was a bit out of breath with those punches. She wasn't at all the most athletic in her grade but she was perhaps one of the fastest. She leaned back a bit and relaxed for now. She needed to figure out a plan of attack to getting more knowledge and training and such.

    Hana Yasashī
    Hana Yasashī

    Deep in the heart of pain... Empty Re: Deep in the heart of pain...

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:24 pm

    Hana had earned a break. So with that, she stood up and called over a Shinigami. She instructed him on what to do and what not. She was heading out into the woods to relax. She needed to find a solitary place to rest. She set her eyes upon the woods. She was going to wander for a bit just in search for any streams or something. Sighing, she'd walk off into the sun set as it were. Reaching the woods, she twisted around on one foot until she didn't know where she was. Than, she just picked a direction and went with it. She would spent about an hour wondering around before reaching a very peculiar place. This place seems almost like back in the World of the Living. Hana could see the array of trees lead to a clearing. This clearing however, had a gentle rolling hill next to a pond like area with a waterfall. The place seemed like a dream's creation. It was beautiful. The waterfall seemed to cascade across the features of the rock face with little effort. The waterfall itself was set back slightly from the front due to erosion. Hana managed to work her way through to see the pond. To her surprise, she found someone there. In the deep of the pond, she found a woman with long black hair which flowed down like a river across her back and into the pond. She could see that her hair was usually in pig tails as the hair was freshly removed and still wanted to kind of bunch up a bit. The female took a dip into the pond's water once more. As she came up, she sprayed water across the pond's surface like droplets of rain.

    Hana blushed lightly watching this beautiful looking woman. She managed to look to her left because something caught her eye. Oddly enough, it was the woman's clothing. Though it was scantily to be sure. She had a swimsuit top, tight short shorts, giant belt, knee high boots, and hair ties for her pig tails. Hana slowly moved forward and crouched down. With that, she removed her feet from her Sandals and Tabi. She began slowly taking off her Shihakushou before the woman turned around and screeched. Hana and the woman got startled by each other before they managed to start laughing about it. They'd talk a little bit and they'd accept that they were both women. Because of this, they could skinny dip with out problems. And with that, Hana managed to rest down in the pond with her newly acquainted friend. Resting her head against the rocks behind her, Hana felt such a relief in the pond. Oddly enough, she could see that the woman's eyes wouldn't stop sneaking peaks at Hana's body. This was a tiny bit awkward for her. She let it slide and simply closed her eyes resting against the more shallow part of the pond. It was almost like a hot tub. The girl, who had actually introduced herself as Megu. Megu whispered into Hana's ear about there being a secret place more like a hot tub in the pond and wondered if Hana was interested. Nodding, she'd follow Megu under the water and deep into the depths of a small cave like structure.

    Once they reached the other side, Hana could see a most amazing looking cave structure. And sure enough, there was a hot spring a bit farther back into the cave. They'd get out and hop into the spring. Hana would rest against one of the walls in a position that left her whole body open and soaking in the nice warm water. Of course, this meant that Megu was sneaking more peaks. It wasn't that long before Hana felt a strange sensation. With a tiny twitch here and there she could feel Megu caressing the sides of her stomach. Soon it kind of turned a bit awkward as Megu caressed her whole figure. Hana was, slightly embarrassed by the situation and soon found herself blushing. Before long they managed to wind up snuggling next to each other in the spring. They let their bodies intertwine with one another and caress each other.

    Soon, however, Hana had to leave. It was now that she felt the remorse of making an attachment to a woman, she might never see again. Giving the woman a gentle kiss upon her head, she told her of the stories where she was and how to contact her. She'd love to get letters if possible. Hana even managed to get a special forwarding address where she'd always receive a latter from. It was a special address which lead through her house's personal mail and directly towards her. It was mainly used for official business but it was always able to get to her no matter what. Hana kissed Megu once more before explaining that she had to leave. They held hands for a bit more before Hana departed back towards the tent.

    After gathering her things and putting her clothes back on, she raced off towards the tent and would resume her duties. Luckily for her, nothing major happened. However, luck would have it that the girl was feeling a lot better now and was actually off her medications. Now the only thing that girl needed was rest and relaxation. And of course play! It took a few minutes but Hana was back to work writing away all the crappy forms that came with the job of helping the residents of the Rukon. But it was becoming late and the clinic was only here for the day. They aren't scheduled out here again until about three days time sadly. But that is what it is. The Shinigami packed up after finishing everyone's treatments and began their journey home. They made sure to tie up loose ends and give everyone extra helpings of medicines and so forth. Everything was, of course, written down in a form to make sure requisitions could be made for more medicinal items.

    Once back at the fourth barracks, Hana would put things away and hang around a little bit. Looking down and around, she'd manage to hop off to her room for the night. Of course that didn't last long before she managed to sneak her way out and back to that hot spring where she found Megu. Hana sat there, staring off into the water and watching the moon's reflection across the pond's surface. She picked up a small rock and tossed it in the center to watch the ripples cascade outwards. It was surreal, well almost.

    Hana's eyes closed as she rested upon the ground for a bit. She needed to get out more often. have a Koi pond of her own or something. Yeah! Perhaps she'd get her own Koi pond in the fourth division if she ever became Captain like her Mother was. Dreams were high in Hana, that was for sure. but you know what wasn't that high? Training and power. Sure she had the aspirations, but she lacked the training and discipline to do so. She knew she'd need to pound out the training if she was going to get stronger but she tended to work with others. Now, she was alone. She didn't like it. She wanted some adventure, some posture, she wanted, well she wanted to DO something. She also wanted companionship though. That was a thing as well. But eh, she'd live a lonely existence if she had to. She perked up at the thought of getting things done so well that she'd get put into a squad. Yes, she wanted to be in the fourth division dammit! She only needed to try as hard as she could!

    With this on her mind, she marched back into the Seireitei and marched right into the academy, aiming to get the job freaking DONE! Her goal was to start training something other than her medical abilities. Perhaps attempting to get her Hakuda up or even her Zanjutsu skills. Worst case scenario she'd train her Hohou a bit and get a larger array of skills going.

    "It's on baby."


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