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    Alone, a woman stood surrounded by darkness. The room itself had no light in it besides a sliver of light shining into it from a door behind the woman. It was slightly cracked open and allowed enough light in for the room to be seen and what inhabited it. The room had a table in one corner and books filled the two small selves below. On top stood a rather dull lamp with a lampshade on top. The floor littered with various clothes and a basket for dirty clothes not filled. The woman had a habit of not putting her dirty clothes into the corresponding place for them. To her left there was a door in which was closed and lead to the bathroom that was connected to the room. Above her was a brown ceiling fan in which hung far from the ceiling due to the ceiling being rather far up. It was a design to help the flow of air during the seasons. Before the woman was a bed. The bed itself had it's sheets and blanket ruffled- No where near tidy.

    The silence was finally broken by the woman with a sigh. This person was known as Aria Nova. Her last name was taken from her father- Who was not her real father, but she remembered him as such. She had no last name and since her father loved space and particularly supernovas, she adopted Nova for her last name. She stood six feet tall. Rather tall for women and she was aware of it. Her hair long and brown in color. It fell beneath her shoulders. Her eyes are hazel and her face free of blemishes. Her skin white with a little tan from the sun's rays. She currently wore a black cami with black jeans and was bare footed. Her gaze focused on her right hand which was at about chest level and open palmed. In it was a necklace made of silver. In the center was a small stone that at first appeared black, but upon further inspection a red light that switched to blue and white shined beautifully from within the center of the stone. The stone itself clasped tightly in the silver that the necklace was made from.

    It was a gift from her father whom was no longer in this world. Her hazel eyes glared at the stone as if it were about to leap from her hand at any moment. "Father..." She whispered quietly to herself. He always said the light in this stone strongly reminded him of space and how wonder and light could be found not just on Earth. "I bet... If you could you would of been on the first space ship outta here." She continued as a small smile cracked on her face. "I could see why you would want to too. This world of ours is just so boring." She sighed and closed her hand around the stone. Aria looked up and placed the necklace around her neck. Turning she sat down on her bed and then falling flat onto her back her arms stretching wide. "I'm not sure how much more of this boredom I can withstand." She sighed once more with her eyes closing simultaneously. "Argh... I should really do something tonight and honestly I should stop talking to myself out loud." She scolded herself with that last statement. "But what is there for me to do tonight?" She entertained her previous thought.

    Her eyes flashed open and she hopped from her bed. She quickly left her room into a hallway with stairs. She closed her door behind her and made her way down the stairs into the large living room. It was fairly empty for the most part. Only a chair, a couch, a brown coffee table, and a 50" flat screen TV decorated the room. Both the couch and chair shared a similar dark green color. Not the best color for something like that, but she got it for free and it was functional. She briskly moved to the chair in which a pair of black boots and socks laid in front of it. On the arm was a black simple hoody. She wasn't exactly made of money and constantly struggled, but she was happy. Quickly donning the jacket and sliding the socks and boots on. She stood and made her way to the front door of her apartment. "I'll figure it out as I'm out and about I guess. Plus I could use the fresh air."


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