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    The Vice Captains Secret Training


    The Vice Captains Secret Training Empty The Vice Captains Secret Training

    Post by Kianji on Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:50 pm

    Kianji had been training for a while, seeing as three isnt a Captain for this Division Yet, he was acting Captain.

    He walked into his Barracks, Which were private. He moved slowly to keep people from watching. He then moved to the left and opened a door, a blinding light came out of it, after the light dimmed he walked in. The room was huge, much like Urahara's old training grounds. He was to continue his training that way he could become captain of this division. He is part of the Noble Umeko Clan, he had to make sure his families Honor was upheld. He sure had the strength and the determination to become captain. He also had some other abilities that were passed down to him from the Clans Most powerful Leader.

    This is why he must train. To hone and control these abilities.


    WC- 145

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