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    Post by Kianji on Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:20 pm

    Kianji and Isshin Arrived at some little shop. They bypassed all the selves and went to some room. It was small but had a little chest with a ladder that lead a little ways down. WHOA! This place was huge! how big was it?!

    "Isshin? What is this place?" Before he could speak, some man came up to them.

    "I am Urahara. You are strong sir. Now, i am sure Isshin has explained most everything." Kianji nodded. "Except the fact that you must knock my hat off my head." Wait, What?! Was this a joke? This man had a crooked smile on his face. So Kianji Followed his instinct. He lunged forward, coming an inch from grabbing it off his head and all the sudden he disappears. Where did he go?

    "Quite the skills you have." He began to pull a sword from his cane. His power surged. What was he? Was he the same being as Isshin? I had to have been. The power felt the same. Urahara lunged sword flying with him. Then Kianji remembered his training his father had put him through. He jumped to the side doing a side flip.

    He then tried to land a hard kick midair. Urahara grabbed his foot and slung him at a high speed into a mountain. Damn! This guy is strong. And it seems determined. He was in Kianjis face already, he barely had tome to dodge it! He sliced his cheek a little. This pissed him off. Heat waves started to ripple from him. His eyes turned a red color. he jumped out of the way. Lunged at Urahara and punched him hard in the chest, sending him back like a foot.

    Urahara thought to himself. "What power, he is the same as that other kid. They are some strong kids."

    Isshin was looking in amazment. "Looks like you have a tough one Urahara!"

    Kianji didnt even care what they were saying. All he wanted was that damned hat! why did he have to knock it off anyway? This just fed into the rage. This man made him mad as hell! He then jumped into the air, and landed a kick on Uraharas sword arm. And sent him flying back 3 feet this time.

    Kianji landed on his hands and pushed himself off. He did a flip in mid air. Landing right behind Urahara and this time touched the hat, but before he could grab it, Urahara disappeared and reappeared about 10 ft away. What the hell man!

    This only, again, fed more and more into his rage. The heat was getting more and more intense. Urahara's eyes got huge. Kianji leaped and punched at urahara. He dodged it, and Kianji punched the ground making a small crater. He wasted no time. He rushed toward Urahara and kicked at his legs. He jumped to dodge the attack. Urahara then attacked and swung his sword. From his training with his father, Kianji ducked and took his arm up to block Uraharas arm. This sent his sword flying away. It stuck in the ground by a small tree. Urahara was staring at his sword. He took this moment to knock off the hat. He was crouched on the ground. He brought his leg up barely missing Uraharas face. And kicked the hat off his head.

    "Now it seems i have gotten that hat off your head."

    Urahara looked amazed. "No one has even gotten my sword out of my hand. No wonder he was interested in you."

    He? Who was this he? "Whom do you speak of?"

    "The Captain Commander. Someone you will be meeting. I think your soul is now stable enough to be sent to Soul Society. Isshin, will you do the honors?"

    Isshin walked forward. He pulled his sword out and poked Kianji on the head. "You will meet a guard to escort you to the Captain Commander." Kianji glowed and Disappeared.


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