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    Let's try this again

    Rensaku Shihoin
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    Let's try this again Empty Let's try this again

    Post by Rensaku Shihoin on Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:25 pm

    Living as a hollow in the beginning stage is a pretty shallow existence: first off, hunger is an issue, you're never satisfied no matter how many souls you devour, there's this constant lingering feeling of being empty, alone, confused and in the dark. That's where Rensaku's starting, he has no recollection of his past or that he even had one, nor is he conscious or self aware; His only thoughts are souls, souls and more souls. Day turned to night as the forest became pitch black, luckily for him his eyes were made for hunting in the shadows while his wings allowed him to swoop in to devour his chosen victim.

    Finally waking his wings spread, taking flight into the night sky in search of a soul that would temporarily alleviate his pains, if it'd help at all in the first place. After so many seconds of searching he singled out someone who seemed to be aware of his presence, whomever they were in his mind they'd make an excellent snack. He tucked in his wings while leaning down, diving toward his target, before they had a chance to run, he'd already snatched them up and flew back to his home ground where he proceeded to rip the spirit right of the already panicky person, their pleas fell on deaf ears; he devoured the soul. Nothing, he still felt as empty as he did before, Ren had to find more. It was then that he heard something in the forest, he turned his head to see what'd look like a spirit, another person who he'd have for dinner.

    The hollowed soul charged at what he thought to be an easy catch when suddenly he'd been stuck in the shoulder by some kind of blue arrow, souls leaked out as he attempted to claw out their guts, his attempt failed as his opponent nimbly dogged him, circled around and shot another arrow but this time he was prepared to block it whit one of his wings, he then used it to send a power gust of wind in their direction blast them into a tree. The breath was knocked right out of them, stunning them long enough for him to grab hold of and bite down on the shoulders while pulling them apart. That was twice he feed but still it wasn't enough, he had to find more, the fight only made him hungrier than he was a few minutes ago. He traveled blindly by air again in search of another.

    Word Count: 420

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