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    Moderator Duties: Hana Yasashii

    Hana Yasashī
    Hana Yasashī

    Moderator Duties: Hana Yasashii Empty Moderator Duties: Hana Yasashii

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:39 am

    Hello everyone my name is Hana Yasashii. My current duties are as follows:

    • First and foremost I'm a floater. This means I pickup things here and there that someone misses or can't do currently.

    • Secondly I'm mainly an RP Moderator. My focus is to read your posts and make sure you're not doing naughty things.

    • Thirdly I'm an overall Staff. As stated before I float around and do what I can and what needs to be done. Nothing fancy.

    Feel free to PM this account for questions if you have any. I'm fairly knowledgeable in Shinigami both on and off the site's information. Kido is my main love however. Though I don't know them by heart I still absolutely love them and love to create new ones!

    Hana Yasashii, signing off.

    Arigato Gozahimas!

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