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    Arturo Plateado
    Arturo Plateado

    My moderation duties Empty My moderation duties

    Post by Arturo Plateado on Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:23 pm

    As Shimada and i agreed upon while discussing offline i shall be running things behind the scenes as one of my jobs this criteria entails:

    -Arc organization

    -Organizing race based things

    The next job is me updating information that is role play based into the role play itself to allow more options on things to do. This entails:

    -Kido, zanjutsu, hakuda ect

    -Hierro and other arrancar/hollow based

    -Fullbring powers

    -Bount abilities

    -Quincy abilities (This shall come at a later date than the rest as the list is still growing)

    I also shall be running the randomized tests for others and when i am unavailable to do so Shimada shall be handling this duty as well. Most of the things i listed above will be added by Shimada but i will be the one to keep them up to date with the manga and keep them up to code for the role play as well.

    If i am needed i shall only be contacted by pm, i shall not be giving out my skype or facebook as i keep my online life away from my real life things and that is what i use those two for. Good day and enjoy the site everyone.

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