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    Renoka wasn't always the way he was now, for he had once been pure, whole and happy. Before the chains dragged him to his new life, he had a family consisting of his Mother, Father and younger Sister. His life had been a good one, for though his parent's didn't earn a huge amount per year from their office jobs, he and his Sister had never wanted for anything. They led perfectly healthy lives, with Renoka attending college and his Sister being in high school. Of course, no family was perfect and theirs was far from it with the regular squabbles families went through on a day to day basis. Not only that but his Sister was currently being bullied by a group of "Barbie-like" girls in the year above her. Though she wasn't necessarily ugly having already experienced the teenage version of "love" on at least two occasions, they often found reason to mock her braces. Their parents were often too busy working to take care of them properly, to sit them down as parents aught to and teach them right from wrong, and at that particular moment, when Renoka entered the living area of their comfortable three-bedroom home, an argument had ensued their arrival from school. Everyone has their boundaries, and when those are met they test the person in ways that are beyond their natural comfort zones. That day, his Sister had been pushed beyond her own boundaries, having been pinned against a locker by her throat, her arms held outwards as the leader of her bully group repeatedly twisted at the wire entwined through the braces of her teeth, and after twisting with enough pressure, the wire had completely snapped. The result of which had been bloodshed as the wire snagged her gums and the inside of her lips, and once one tasted their own blood, it turned them into something they may have yet to experience.

    The result of his Sister's actions was her instant removal of the school with a note to their parents asking them to tutor her from home for a week, hence the argument he had walked into. Slouching into the armchair beside the fireplace, Renoka swung his legs over the left arm, as he massaged his forehead with his left hand, wondering what he was to make of the scene before him. Their Mother was a slender, regal woman often the spirit of the house as she went about her daily activities, humming all the while. At that particular moment, she wasn't the woman they knew with her hair flying in all directions, whipping a kitchen towel through the air as her arms waved in rage, screaming all the while to their Father who sat at the table, directly opposite Renoka, about how they were going to manage. Their Father was a handsome man, and a perfect fit for their Mother, or so people always said. He was brown haired, brown eyed with a strutting jaw which at that particular moment had a neat five o'clock shadow coming through. After coming home from work he wore his usual attire, the same pair of pressed, black trousers he had been wearing all day, with a vest top he wore under his shirt, preferring to feel the breeze through the house. Any hint of calmness at the situation completely removed from his outer appearance as his hands and legs shook, brow furled in a furious gaze directly at the woman screaming in his direction.

    Renoka had lost track of the time since he had entered the room, for the small clock above the fireplace required a new battery and so had stopped at ten minutes past four. Nobody had moved except their arms or mouths which moved at lightning speed in the heat of the argument that unfurled before him. His Sister had been brought to tears, curled up on the sofa which lay diagonally across the living space as she sopped into the crease of her knees. Getting up, he stepped into the middle of the rabbling nonsense, raising his right hand to gain the attention of the two main participants in the flurry of words.

    "I don't mean to break up this lovely family chat, but who the fuck is going to do something about this?"

    His words seemed to echo as silence followed swiftly, each pair of eyes in the room upon him, as his Sister had even gazed upwards out of confusion at hearing his voice. His parents remained with their mouths agape, stunned for he had never acted in such a way before, always being helpful around the house and never getting into any trouble of any form. Once he knew his words had grabbed the attention of his fellow family members, Renoka clenched his fist before allowing both gravity and muscle to swing his fist in a graceful arc before smashing into the wooden table at which his Father sat. The evidence of his angers capacity having been reached didn't come from his words, or the fact he had sworn before his parents, but from the small, spider-web crack in the surface of the wood, spreading out from the point of impact with his fist. Once he knew his point had been completely made and received without miscommunication, he continued with what he wished to say.

    "My Sister got thrown out of school because she was attacked and unfortunately for her, the only time a teacher shows up to stop the violence is when she is causing it. Those girls got off without so much as a detention, and you two are at each other like the end of the world is tomorrow and you're blaming each other for it! I thought we were better than this, but I guess I'll take care of it if it shuts you two up for five minutes and show her some attention!"

    Eyes flickered between him and his Sister as he spun on his heals while simultaneously pulling up his hood and exiting the room before another word could be spoken. As he placed a hand on the front door latch, he heard his Mother shouting his name after him, but he just glared in the direction of her voice popping the handle down as he stepped into the mild night outside. The chill immediately begun to set in, but he didn't mind it for he was too full of adrenaline to care much for anything. In fact, as he walked faster than his normal speed in the direction of his destination, Renoka realised he wouldn't have cared for the situation at all, had it not been for the constant but gradual increase of the bullying, the fact his Sister was due to have her braces removed the following week after two years of treatment and how his parents had merely begun to argue amongst themselves instead of dealing with the problem directly in front of their faces. For all of these things, these girls had to pay, or girl for his plan only involved the one whom had been the puppet-master from the beginning and the leader of the bullying crew.

    It took an hour for him to find all the pieces he required, and calling on a friend from college soon gave him the remaining items he had been missing to carry out his plan. Sinning had always been a slight thing for him, for he had never been a holy man and by that he cared little if he went to Heaven or Hell, making his course of action only that bit more easier for him to go through with. The items he had procured were very specific: A half bottle of alcoholic substance, a long rag which was hewn down one side from being torn, a box of matches and a set of gloves.

    From the time he left his house to the time he arrived at his location, it took him two whole hours of walking here, there and everywhere, but his efforts soon came to fruition as he came upon the girls house he had been searching for. Without hesitation, he pulled on the set of gloves before placing the rag inside the bottle with half sticking out from the rim and hanging over the edge while the other half submerged in the alcoholic substance. Flicking a match with a swift crackle, he lit the half that hung over the edge, and watched as it spread further and further towards the substance, before throwing it through the downstairs window. The seconds that passed felt like a lifetime, as he stood, watching and waiting for bottle to first of all smash through the double glazed window and finally to impact upon some form of hard surface. Sure enough as his ears strained to catch the sound, he caught the unmistakable sound of glass smashing, and before his eyes, orange flames spread outwards in a beautiful, chaotic explosion that engulfed the whole room and even from his safe distance, he still felt the heat wave rush through the smashed window. Screams erupted in the night, growing fainter and fainter with every step he took from the building as he glorified in his achievement with a victorious smirk.


    Renoka almost leaped out his skin with fright as someone cleared their throat directly behind him, but as he spun on the spot, he found no one to be in sight.

    "Yes, I think you'll do nicely Renoka, you shall be the one to rule over the vastness of Hell.

    Whomever was speaking, Renoka couldn't see them for it seemed their voice moved with each word to a new location around him. As he frantically spun, hoping to catch some form of glimpse of the speaker, chains sprung forth like live-beings out of the soil beneath him, latching into his skin as the dragged and pulled, ripping tendons, ligaments, each piece of his body apart in an agony fuelled series of short events. Once his body was naught but a heap of disfigured limbs and body parts, he had only a millisecond to realise he could look down and see his own remains for himself, before chains latched onto him once more, sending the same piercing agony through his whole body. This time, the chains didn't mean to rip him asunder, they dragged him down through a hole barely big enough for his body to fit through. As he was dragged through the earth, he gazed upwards to the place he had come from and saw a figure, fully cloaked in black with features unrecognisable standing before the hole, laughing as he watched Renoka's decent to the place he begun to dread;Hell.


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