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    Mother! I've come home to learn!

    Hana Yasashī
    Hana Yasashī

    Mother! I've come home to learn! Empty Mother! I've come home to learn!

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:14 pm

    After entering the Soul Society, Hana made headway straight for the fourth division medical bay. This was, of course, because her mother was captain of the fourth division. Looking towards the gates of the division, Hana was overtaken with joy and sadness at the same time. She felt that time had passed with out her actually getting stronger like usual. She was more than disappointed in herself. She was downright enraged with herself. She wasn't getting any closer to becoming a captain than she was four months ago. She was devastated. Taking this series of thoughts, she encased them in the hardest alloy possible and kept them close to her heart. If she wanted to save people, she needed to become strong to do that. She needed to believe in her soul, sword and all.

    Entering the division, Hana's first instinct was to go directly to the Captain's office to see her mother. Instead, she forced herself to the Medical bay in order to assist any sick or injured. Sickness is something of a rarity for Soul Reapers however. This was mainly because there was no known disease which affected Reiatsu. With this being the fact that hindered in Hana's brain, she managed to stay around until her mother found her. The moment she entered the room, Hana felt a massive Reiatsu fall upon her. It felt kind, gentle, judgmental, and down right disappointed. It was so strong, in fact, that it caused Hana to fall to her knees and gasp for air as her vision blurred. Once Lady Yasashii was comfortable with the amount of punishment that Hana had received, she allowed her to get up and actually speak.

    "Konichiwa, Haha."

    Hana was stopped in mid sentence by her mother. It took all of two seconds for her mother to explain why she was disappointed in Hana. It also took that long for Hana to feel the pain that came with the disappointment. Taking this as it was, she nodded obediently to her mother as they conversed for another few hours. Once that task was completed, Hana was asked to leave the bay and assist the Rukongai with medical ventures. She was to head the medical relief team in that area. Nodding, she allowed herself to sullenly leave the bay and head directly for the Rukongai.



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