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    Post by Fabled on Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:52 am

    Fear's life had been perfect, for what a girl could ask for anyway. she had sailed through school, picking up good grades and graduating into college. When she first arrived at college, Fear had struggled to find friends, mainly due to her name and the fact she had picked to major in archaeology. Fear had been given her name by her Father, for her Mother had died during birth, and her Father had said he was so afraid, he couldn't move for fear, and since then the name had stuck, and it was the one thing that made her unique. Passing through college with incident, Fear left feeling a new vibe for life, and began her career as an archaeologist, owning her own apartment in a bustling city. To look back on things, her life couldn't have gone better, in fact she was on her way to an excavation site with her fellow colleagues from her new job and had been smiling the entire journey. They were half an hour from the airport when her phone rang, and was surprised to find it to be her Father. Answering in her usual manner, confusion immediately rushed over her as she found her Father to be talking too quickly to understand correctly. She asked him to calm down several times, as her colleagues quietened to listen to her conversation, though her Father was still rambling on without stopping. The phone call ended just as they arrived outside the airport, and stepping out of the car, she found herself staring into the face of the man she had just been speaking to on the phone. Immediately questions began to raise in her mind as to why he was here, why he looked so serious, but before should ask, a burly man in a suit appeared and transferred her luggage from the trunk to the back of a black car with tinted windows. Something was going on, though once again before she could ask any questions, her Father purposefully, yet gently, led her to the side of the car leaving her no exit but to climb in.

    Upon entering the car, she found another man in a suit sat opposite her, who immediately handed her a glass of what she guessed to be champagne. if she hadn't been confused before, it was safe to say she was now, as her Father was a rich and wealthy single man, she knew this already, yet he had always brought her up to be the same as the other people she met, so why the special treatment now? She attempted to ask this as they turned onto the main road, but no one answered her. The only time she did get any kind of notice, was when the man in the suit handed her another glass, or asked if she wanted anything to eat.
    Before she knew it, the car pulled up, and looking out the window, she realized they had driven further than she had expected. It took her several minutes to realize they were on the outskirts of Karakura, a town north of where Fear and her Father used to live a few years back. It wasn't the fact she was here that worried her, it was the fact they had stopped at the edge of a hill, a rocky opening clearly visible which led down into the unknown darkness. It wasn't just this that scared her, but looking down she also saw the necklace she had been given upon birth was lighting up. It had originally hung around her neck by a piece of cut shoe lace according to her Father, but now it hung by a silver chain, and the pendant was shining a light blue. Looking up, Fear saw her Father smile, and nod to the other two men, before gently gesturing her into rocky entrance.

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    Fear stepped into the rocky entrance, initially using the glow from her pendant to light up the path ahead. With her Father taking the lead, torches along the walls sparked to life, emitting the entrance in a light blue glow, allowing her to see her surroundings. Along the walls, strange encryptions were carved in a horizontal line, along the wall, standing roughly hip height from the floor. The encryptions weren't in a language she understood, and what she didn't understand was a cross-like statue stood at least fifty feet tall from the ground. She had so many questions she wished to ask her Father, but kept quiet as he gestured for her to follow him, further into the unknown.
    They had been traveling for only a few minutes when she noticed the path they took appeared to be becoming steeper and steeper the further they walked. Left and right, passages sprouted off from the one they took, each time one appeared her Father lead her down what appeared to be a random one. She could only guess the other passages lead to dead ends which prevented anyone attempting to reach the end of this place from reaching their goal.
    Fear slowly became more bored the more they walked, she had attempted to sing to herself, but a stern look from her Father had stopped her doing it for very long. Each passageway they took appeared the exact same as the one they had been on, with the same encryptions etched into the wall, continuing on what appeared to be a constant loop. After walking for nearly an hour, she was glad to find that besides her Father's torch, there was more light up ahead. What didn't improve her mood, was the fact several people in black robes were gathered in a semi-circle. The room they were gathered in looked no different from the rest of this place that Fear had seen so far. When she approached, the hooded people all stuck to the rule of silence, and merely nodded to her Father before walking ahead of them. After roughly a further hour of walking, they finally reached their destination a room filled with more blue light from several torches. The room was so large, she reckons she could easily have fitted over two hundred people within the room. Around the edge, torches hung from brackets at regular intervals with encryptions now covering the walls, different ones from before spaced roughly an inch or two from the next. At the far side, another large cross, glowing with blue light stood slightly larger than the one she had seen previously, while in the center an alter, roughly fifty or sixty paces across, and ten or twenty paces wide dominated the space.

    "Welcome Fear Jingai, to a place where thousands before you once stood. This place is sacred, and may never be known to anyone without the blood line. Are you ready to commence?"

    Fear was so confused she couldn't even begin to comprehend what she was to be ready for. Her Father moved back to stand by her side, giving her a comforting smile and taking her hand, giving it a light squeeze before he looked forward to the cloaked people, each of whom was in a line before the alter, stood evenly spaced apart.

    "I guess so.."

    Was all she could mutter through her mass confusion, watching each robed figure in turn to see if one of them may give her a general idea as to what was going on. The one that had spoken nodded curtly, before each walked forward and made circle around Fear and her Father. Gripping her his hand even more tightly, she felt her Father wince from how much tighter she had increased the grip on his hand by, but if he wished her to stop, he showed no sign of it.

    "Father of the blood, descendant of the bloodline, are you ready and confident that moving on will be a success?"

    Fear's eyes immediately darted to her Father as he gave a confident nod, his eyes fixed upon the one speaking. With another nod, her Father turned to face her, and following suit she did the same as he released her hand with a slight struggle due to how tightly she held it. Her eyes widened as his right hand glowed the same bright blue as her necklace, and he held his hand out to her.

    "Fear, could you please hand your Father the cross through which you shall receive the bloodline."

    Nodding sheepishly, Fear raised her hands behind her neck and unclipped the cross which hung from the silver chain. When it was free from her skin, she placed it into the blue glow of her Father's hand, before turning her head towards the speaker, feeling more comfortable now than before.

    "Lastly, place your hand directly on top of your Father's, completing the process, transferring the bloodline from him, through the cross and into you."

    Fear placed her hand flat upon her Father's, and nearly pulled her hand away. The moment her skin touched both her Father's hand and the cross, a black and red glow began to show from her hand, mixing half way with her Father's. She heard mutterings from the people around them, but she showed them no attention, as her concentration was fixed upon the events before her. After what felt like minutes, her Father's glow suddenly stopped, and as his died away, so did Fear's. Looking up, she took the cross from his hand, the chain was now black leather, while the cross was a black and red mix. She was shocked at how exhausted her Father looked, though it appeared like he just needed a long nap, and was glad to see he wasn't close to feinting.

    "We welcome you, Fear Jingai, into the Quincy Family. From here on out your life with be flipped on its head, so prepare to see and experience things you may have never expected before. We, the keepers of the Family, can be found here should you ever require assistance. We believe your Father has a few congratulations gifts lined up, so we shall leave you to enjoy them."

    Each of the Keeper's bowed low before sliding down random passages and leaving the room. Turning to her Father, who was swaying on the spot, she found him grinning despite his condition as he pulled a wad of tablets from his pocket, and placed five of them in his mouth simultaneously.

    "You're Mother would be grinning from ear to ear if she could see you now kiddo. Follow me, I have several things I wish to show and give to you now this great honor is done with, and I believe you may have several questions to ask. All of this must wait until we get to our new home in Karakura, I never did like these tunnels."

    Fear smiled softly as her Father seemed to regain his energy from the tablets, before following him out of the room via an entrance behind the cross. To her surprise, they immediately stepped out onto an alleyway within the bustling town itself, before getting into the back of another black car and driving off.

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    Post by Fabled on Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:10 pm

    The time it took for them to reach their new home was surprisingly short, in comparison to how long it took them to arrive in Karakura itself, and then wind through the underground tunnels. As it turned out, their house was surprisingly nice for such a place as Karakura, for it was modern mixed with the typical housing style found in this region. Thankfully, their house wasn't anywhere near the city centre as it was placed quite a distance from the outskirts of town, just before the forest area began. The outside of the house was in a log cabin style, though had two stories, and an underground entrance. When she walked in, she found it to be quite amusing how the house looked dull and boring from the outside and yet inside, it was literally like stepping into her dream home. The log style had been continued into the inside of the property, with beams across the ceiling and the exterior visible along the walls. The floor looked quite cold due to the material it was made of, but upon taking her shoes off and walking bare foot across it, she found to her surprise it was heated from underneath. The kitchen was modern, with marble tops and an island in the centre, with a television in the dining area which housed a large rectangular table with matching chairs. The living room had a huge L shaped sofa which was white and draped in white furs, a large television facing it with other things for their entertainment placed underneath. Turning to her Father, Fear was grinning at the sight of the place, and the fact she would be living here from then on. At her reaction, he too was smiling as he dropped her luggage just beyond the door way before turning to her.

    "Welcome home hun, this is the main living area, downstairs is the garage, first floor is my floor and the top floor is yours."

    "A whole floor to myself!"

    Fear felt like she could feint if any more surprises came her way, for she wasn't used to being given much more than she needed, never mind twice as much as she needed. Giving her Father a quick glance and a cheeky smile, he guessed what was on her mind and gestured in the direction of the stairs. Not needing to be shown twice, Fear turned and lightly jogged in the direction he had indicated, finding the stairs with ease before taking them two at a time to reach her floor. When she reached her destination, Fear found it to be just as she had imagined. To her right was her bathroom, containing everything someone usually found in there with everything she needed already in stock. Directly ahead of her was a walk in wardrobe, containing various clothing and all that she could ever want in a walk in wardrobe. To her surprise, whomever had purchased the clothes and other things for her, had known exactly what her style was and what she would have wanted. Leaving the walk in wardrobe, to her right again was her bedroom, the room was dominated by a huge bed, much larger than she was which was covered in furs of various colors. A television was mounted on the wall opposite her bed, with various things for her entertainment placed simply on the floor. Beside this was a large bookshelf full to the brim with DVD's, while the remainder of her room was walking space between her bed and the walls. Beside her bed, on each side was placed a table with a lamp on each. The one on the left had a docking station for her Ipod, while the other had a hidden cupboard which contained several books.

    Walking back down to the main floor of the her new home, she found her Father in the kitchen preparing a coffee, and sat on a stool placed at the island before watching him. After a while, he couldn't help but flick looks at her as if to see what she was looking at, but when he couldn't ignore her anymore and his coffee was made, he sat down opposite her and she met his gaze.

    "I understand this is a whole new experience for you, as I tried to bring you up as fairly as I could while keeping all of this.."

    Her Father made a general gesture at the house, though she guessed he also hinted towards the events that took place in the prior to coming to the house.

    "..A secret. Now you know and have come into your power you will need training, though that will not be my responsibility. Also since you now know about your family's past, I see no reason in treating you with the things you should have been given since birth. So from now on, anything you want, I shall obtain, I also said I had several things I wished to give you once we reached here, though now is not the time. I am guessing you are very confused, full to the point of bursting with questions and would love to strangle me for placing this upon you. All I can say hun is that I fully understand, though suggest you get some rest, think on what you wish to say before coming to me, when you're ready, and learning what it means to be a Quincy."

    Fear was speechless, she had come to simply sit with her Father but instead had been given a speech she never expected to hear. Despite this, everything he said made sense, and though his words could have come across as harsh, she felt humble knowing she had someone she could rely on should she need anything. Nodding, she got up from her stool, walked around and kissed her Father goodnight on his stubbly cheek, before walking round him towards the stairs, and heading to her room to sleep.

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    Fear turned in her sleep, her eyes popping open as she heard the scream of a young girl. From the general direction from which the scream originated from, she could tell it had traversed quite a distance from near the center of the forest. Slipping out of bed and pulling on her dressing gown, Fear tip-toed downstairs in an attempt to not wake her Father from his sleep, but as it turned out he was sat downstairs on the sofa, tapping a glass of whiskey against his jaw.

    "What are you doing up at this time Fear, it's three in the morning, I was hoping after the events of yesterday you would sleep at least till eight or nine."

    "Well dear Father I could as you the same thing, but the reason I'm up is because I heard a young girl scream in the woods, couldn't you hear it?"

    Her Father took a long time to reply, taking a couple of swigs of whiskey before walking to the cabinet and pouring himself another glass from the decanter. When his glass was once again full, he walked over to the coat stand and removed his long white trench coat, before gesturing for Fear to follow him outside. With a confused look, she removed her dressing gown and pulled on her favorite bright red coat, before quickly putting on her shoes and heading out the door. She was quite glad to find it wasn't cold out and sped up into a jog to catch up to her Father whom was walking at quite a fast pace. When she eventually arrived by his side, he gave her a soft smile before turning to face in front of him and speaking, giving Fear more lessons in what it meant to be a Quincy.

    "The girl you heard is a spirit, one who only died yesterday so her chain still has a long time before she transforms into a Hollow. Unfortunately for her, a Hollow has caught onto her scent anyway, and has been chasing her for the past few hours around the forest. We have no way of helping the girl, only Shinigami may perform a Konso to send a soul to the afterlife. The only thing we can do in this situation is kill the Hollow, and hope a Shinigami arrives soon or more may turn up. You see, Shinigami when they kill a Hollow they allow the soul to be purified and send it to the Soul Society where they live. We on the other hand completely destroy the soul, which is what caused a war between us, which nearly cost the Quincy the existence of our race. There still isn't harmony between us, but we came to an agreement that we do our thing, they do theirs, and no one can complain."

    Fear had a little difficulty understanding the last bit, but she got the general idea of what her Father was attempting to tell her. The screams of the little girl echoed through the trees as their conversation continued, talking about how to form the Quincy bow, how to command Reishi in order to create the arrows, and then how to fire them accurately. As she listened, she had to admit she found the whole thing rather exciting, like stepping into a fantasy movie where she was the main character. Her excitement soon stopped as they turned a slight corner, ahead of them the middle of the forest which widened into a short clearing, in the middle of which the little girl could be seen sat with her knees up to her chin. Before her was a huge figure, tall and grey bodied with a huge white mask. To describe it best would be to say it looked like a gorilla, without the fur and with a white face, though it stood over one hundred feet from the ground.

    "That is a Hollow? How the hell are we meant to kill that, it's far too big."

    Fear didn't just think they couldn't kill it because of its size, but also she could feel the power emitting from it, causing her to feel slightly dizzy where she stood as she looked up at its gigantic form, her hand shielding her eyes from the glare of the full moon.

    "Yes dear, that's a Hollow, and this one may be a bit tougher than I would have thought, usually the new ones come here to get stronger fast, while the stronger ones reside in the desert land named Hueco Mundo, which is their home of sorts. This one however, appears to be breaking that rule, must have simply found the little girl to big a thing to turn down. Remember what I taught you and you'll have no problem, for as your first task of being a Quincy, you are going to kill it."

    Fear's mouth fell wide open as she turned to her Father, but he merely smirked holding a finger up to his mouth to quieten her, before sitting on a large rock, crossing one leg over the other while sipping from his whiskey glass. Looking dumbfounded, Fear took a few cautious steps forward, trying to figure out the best route to approach the Hollow while maintaining the element of surprise. It appeared the Hollow was so focused on the little girl, it still hadn't noticed her presence in the area, or even her Father's.
    Taking a few steps forward, the Hollow let out a rumbling roar, causing the branches of the trees to sway, and sending leaves flying in every direction. She had taken a step, her foot landing on a long branch without her noticing, and the loud, sudden snap was all the Hollow needed to turn and face her, finally recognizing her existence in the clearing. Holding out her right hand, Fear's pentagram began to glow black and red, causing black and red Reishi to flow along her arm, before materializing into her Quincy bow in her right hand. Upon seeing her new weapon, the Hollow bent over, before fully roaring in her direction, causing her red hair to sway behind her and her red coat to flap.

    "Remember Fear, speed is the key, take him down quickly and efficiently before he can attack you or worse, get his hands on that little girl."

    Fear nodded, not bothering to turn round for it would cause her to lose focus. As it turned out, she wasn't fast and she wasn't efficient, not seeing the Hollow's hand swiping along the clearing floor, creating a large trench in the mud the size of its fist. Fear wasn't quick enough to get out of the way, catching the very edge of the Hollow's swiping motion, but it was still enough to send her back several paces, crashing into a tree trunk. Fear couldn't breath, she could breath out in long breaths, but to breath in was a struggle as the collision with the tree had knocked all the wind out of her. Taking several seconds for to catch her breath, she got up as quickly as she could, firing an arrow towards the Hollow. To her annoyance, she didn't hit her target but instead hit the Hollow in the abdomen, causing it to bend over in pain. With a slight smirk, Fear fired another two, managing to hit each knee and causing the Hollow to topple forward, using its fists to remain on all fours. Fear ran as quickly as she could, charging an arrow as she ran. Luck was on her side for this fight, as the Hollow remained in position during her run, due to being weakened by the arrows to its knees which had hit pretty deeply. As she neared it, all she had to do was aim up and release, hitting the mask in the mouth, she watched as it began to crack and fall to pieces around her. Ducking, Fear covered her head with her arms, but there was no need, for each piece missed her, though one piece in particular was very close as she felt the wind when it fell past her by inches.

    Looking around, Fear spotted her Father grinning, raising his whiskey glass in praise to her. With its mask destroyed, the Hollow disappeared seemingly vanishing by the second until nothing was left of it, not even the mask pieces that had fallen to the ground. Sealing her bow back into her necklace, Fear smiled as she approached the little girl, bending down to be on her level, she spoke as softly as she could.

    "Are you alright? You have no need to scream or be afraid anymore, the bad creature is gone and you're in.."

    "Back away from the soul Quincy, we'll take things from here."

    Turning Fear saw two men in black uniforms, one with a sword hanging from his right hip, while the other had his horizontal at the small of his back. She didn't even need to ask who they were, for their tone told her that they were Shinigami. She would have argued that she had been the one to kill the Hollow and so saved the young girl, but as it was her first encounter with a Shinigami, she simply raised her hands, bowed her head slightly and stepped backwards out of the way. When she reached her Father, the little girl looked in her direction, mouthing the words "Thank you," before the Shinigami performed the Konso. With their deed done, the Shinigami each bowed to her and her Father, before disappearing through a form of gate they had made appear next to them.

    "Well Fear, you made me proud today, taking on your first Hollow and one that wasn't as weak as I had been expecting for your first time. Now, I suggest we head home and attempt to get a proper good nights sleep eh?"

    Fear grinned as she turned to walk in the direction of their home, wishing for nothing more than to dive onto her bed and fall asleep for several hours without interruption.

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    Fear woke up the next morning, stretching as she felt the light morning sun coming through the curtains which had been opened by someone earlier. Pulling the duvet off her body, Fear took off her nightgown, searching around her various drawers to find where exactly all of her belongings lived. After several long minutes searching, Fear was finally dressed in a simply black top, with a zip up jumper on over the top, which was only zipped up to her the beginning of her chest. On her lower body she wore a pair of small shorts, with an intricate belt fixing them in place, that fanned out behind her, going into two long tails behind her, while being a confusing mess of straps at the front, but she liked the look. On her feet, she wore her usual black boots which she found the most comfortable. Heading downstairs, Fear found her Father had already left, a note on the dining room table read.

    "Morning Hun,
    Had to get called into work this morning (day job) and won't be home till very late in the evening. I have left some money for you in the envelope, feel free to get out and explore the city. Be sure to remember yesterdays events, as it is possible you may stray into a Hollow on your ventures, and will need to repeat the process. Otherwise you are free to do as you please, maybe get out and find some friends to go shopping with? I'm not entirely sure what you girls get up to these days, but enjoy yourself whatever you end up doing.
    Love Dad."

    Picking up the envelope, Fear was shocked to find it was a lot thicker than she had first been expecting. Upon pulling the money out and counting it on the table, she found there to be over three thousand Yen, which could buy her almost anything she wanted to in such a small place like Karakura. It was then the idea came to her, that she would get out of Karakura for the day, and go to some major city like Tokyo in hope of finding friends and spending all the money her Father had given her. With a grin on her face, Fear turned and started to head out the wall, when she noticed on a peg was a set of keys with her name on it. When she was sixteen, she had been given driving lessons and had passed her driving test with flying colors, though that didn't stop her being surprised at her Father allowing her to drive. Picking up the keys, she headed out the front door onto the driveway, with the huge garage door adjacent to the house on her left. Before her sat a Mclaren F1, bright orange and Fear almost squealed in excitement upon setting her eyes upon it. Pushing the button on her keys, she saw the indicators flash and the click that told her the car was now unlocked.
    Sliding into the drivers seat, Fear put the key in the ignition, put her foot down on the clutch, placed the gear into first and turned it. With a roar the car burst into life, and it made her even happier when she found the gas tank was completely full.

    "Tokyo here I come!

    It took her only two hours to reach the capital from her house, driving way over the speed limit, though for some reason none of the police even attempted to follow her. When she eventually reached her destination, Fear parked in a multistory car park, and placed the key in the inside pocket of her jumper. She had only been out the car for five minutes and already she could hear the bustling crowds going about their business. Could hear the honks of horns and the music playing from various shops here and there. She was quite lucky she had decided to come to Tokyo on a Saturday, meaning it was bustling with people her own age and every street was packed with people attempting to get into various shops. It didn't take long for Fear to get the gist of how people walked around here, and before she knew it she found herself in a clothing store. It wasn't for the fact that she needed clothes, but rather the fact she was looking for someone, or a group of people to latch onto and meet. With the clothing store being almost deserted, she realized that it was one of the least popular shops to enter. Walking further along the street, she eventually found a very popular milkshake shop, and suddenly craving one, headed inside to sit on a stool beside the bar. A brown haired boy, roughly fifteen years of age came over to him, trying to act cool as he leaned over the other side of the bar.

    "Hey, can I get you a drink, it'll be on the house?"

    Fear laughed, louder than she had intended for she began to attract attention, but she couldn't help it. The boy was obviously used to girls younger than him walking him, and falling for his charm within seconds. Fear on the other hand obviously was a slight higher challenge for him, and it appeared he figured he lost as he turned, red in the face and walked to the other end of the bar.

    "Hey, you look alone, alright if we join you?"

    A girl with short blonde hair approached her, a rather tall male next to her, both of them wearing a local school uniform and she guessed they did extra curricular activities on a Saturday. Turning to the girl that had addressed her, she nodded with a polite smile, before ordering a vanilla milkshake from a passing waiter.

    "Hiya! I'm Kunari, this is Tren, pleasure to meet you!"

    Kunari immediately gave her a beaming smile, while Fear was in the process of taking a sip from the straw in her milkshake, and was very nearly covered in half the glass' contents.

    "Oh hey, nice to meet you two, I must admit I'm clueless for where to go, this is my first time here as my Dad gave me the day to come shopping and stuff, so I drove here from Karakura. Would it be alright if you two showed me where to go?"

    Fear asked sheepishly, afraid the two would see her as weird and refuse to be seen with her any longer. As it turned out, they did the opposite, and immediately grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out the milkshake store. When they were back out onto the street Fear was dragged to her right and the three of them walked for some time, sharing stories about their various childhoods and good memories they had had over the course of their lives so far. After some time walking, they eventually reached a massive shopping centre, one with at least ten floors and more shops than you could even begin to imagine.

    "I swear I just died and went to heaven!

    Grinning from ear to ear, Fear followed her new found friends into the shopping centre, and for the hours that followed was lost in money spending, eating, drinking and in general having a good time. Due to being in doors, Fear didn't realize how fast time was slipping away, and before she knew it, it was six o'clock in the evening. Since the night before, she wasn't sure if she trusted herself to be out at night, for surely something was going to go wrong with regards to a Hollow appearing from no where. Plus she didn't want her new-found friends to come to harm should a battle take place and they are unable to see the Hollow swing an attack their way. She had asked them earlier on in the day where they lived, and she was glad when both said they lived in Karakura too, only down the road from where Fear and her Father lived.

    "Hey guys, I'm going to have to make a move home, if you guys feel comfortable I can give you a lift back? It will be a bit of a squash for the person in the back to fit in, may even have to sit sideways along the seat, but will be quicker than however you guys usually get back."

    Her friends looked at each other, Kunari seemed quite willing, but Tren on the other hand appeared to be having second thoughts about the whole idea.

    "I dunno, I don't fancy being seen in a tiny car which is completely pink with two girls, driving as slow as possible while blaring out girly music."

    Both Fear and Kunari burst out laughing, rolling their eyes to each other as the boy of their group had a typical boy moment of not wanting to be seen being uncool. Still laughing, Fear took a few steps forward and took his hand, not for anything more than to drag him in the direction she had initially traveled from, and in the direction of her car which she knew would be the complete opposite of what he was expecting.

    It took them like quite a while to reach her car, mostly because Fear forgot where the car park she had parked in was located, and then once they found it, it took them a further half hour to find her car.

    "Alright, now I'm definitely doubting this idea, a woman driving a super car, what could go wrong?"

    They all laughed at Tren's comment, knowing he was being sarcastic as he climbed into the back of her F1, while Kunari skipped round to the front and entered the front passenger side. With a grin on her face, Fear ducked into the drivers seat, wondering if today would  be the first day where nothing went wrong.

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    It had been a while since Fear had done anything in particular, preferring to walk around her home her duvet covering her as she made food, drunk milkshakes, and did nothing of interest. In fact, it had been so long since she had done anything that for a while, she even forgot she was a Quincy, though of course, being such a thing meant she couldn't easily forget about it. Her lazy streak ended when her Father came in from work one night and told her to get dressed as he had something extremely important to tell her. Doing as he wished, she dashed upstairs and pulled on an outfit at random, and almost fell down the stairs as she moved as quickly as her body would allow her. When she got outside, her Father was already outside in the car engine running with the passenger door open as an invitation for her to get in.

    "What's wrong Dad? Why after the past few days of nothing are you suddenly in a rush to be somewhere?"

    Her Father sighed as he drove forward, pulling out of their driveway and heading into town. He still hadn't given her an answer by the time they reached the other end of town, and Fear began to wonder where they were going. Her question was soon answered when they pulled up outside the entrance they had visited once before when Fear found out she was a Quincy. Luckily, this time they didn't have to take the same passages as before, instead heading round the back to where they had exited before, and slipping inside, she found herself in the same room as before. Like before, the cloaked people awaited their arrival, and silence broke over the group as if they were mourning the passing of a loved on, and as she stood before them Fear could feel the tension in the air.

    "Welcome again Fear, you have shown us much in the short time you have been known as a Quincy. Because of this, we wish to give you a gift not many have received, though it will unlock further power within you. Before you, you have two choices: One is to accept the traditional glove, which will be given to you and won't change you at all. On the other hand, you can choose the black glove, which will grant you the same power, but will corrupt your being due to the Hollow-like power used to make the glove. That power will seep into your spirit and you will have a hard time controlling it, but that decision is yours to make."

    Fear turned to her Father, who seemed to refuse to make eye contact with her, as he simply stared at a point on the floor several feet from where he stood. Apart from her Father, Fear felt as though every eye in the room was upon her as she stepped up to the altar, each of the hooded figures moving aside allowing her to step up to the center where two boxes sat upon the stone. One was blue and white, while the other was black and red, and she didn't need an explanation to understand which box contained which glove. She took quite a while contemplating which to choose, considering the pro's and cons of both gloves, and which in the end would be the best choice for her. When she finally made her decision, Fear picked the lock off the black and red box, hearing the click as the catches released allowing her to open the lid and her eyes to rest on the black and red glove. She had to admit, for a Quincy glove it was pretty fashionable, feeling the inside she could tell there was cotton or some similar material on the inside for comfort, while on the outside was a different story. Black scales seemed to cover almost every inch of the glove, mostly black which probably gave its name, while on the top side of the glove, from the elbow to the wrist, red scales formed a pattern starting numerously but then thinning the closer it got to her fingers. Turning it over, she found the pentagram to be on the wrist section, like on the other side it was made from red scales, and put a smile on her face. The glove was noticeable, but she knew she would be able to pull off the look by altering her wardrobes contents slightly.  Removing it from the box, Fear felt anxious as she slid her fingers into the snug material, expecting something abnormal to happen once she had the glove on. Though thankfully, no such thing happened, and everyone in the room seemed to let out their bated breath all at once.

    "Congratulations Fear, you have chosen the Black Sanrei Glove, all that remains is for you to unlock the power hidden within the glove, and when you manage that task, the task to keep yourself sane against the Hollow powers within it shall also begin. We all wish you luck, and shall be keeping a close eye on you."

    Nodding Fear walked past the people surrounding her, not bothering to say a word or make eye contact with anyone, as she could feel the disappointment in the air from her choice. Once she was outside again, Fear examined the glove a little more closely, wondering how it was meant to boost her abilities. She had only had it on a few minutes, and already she could feel the temperature around her drop, the moisture in the air growing thicker, and all of this confused her, as she had no idea why this was happening. As she examined the glove, and felt the atmosphere around her change, Fear became aware that her Father was watching her curiously, as if he was expecting something tragic to happen at any moment, but admittedly apart from the atmospheric changes she felt completely fine. Walking a few steps forwards, the pentagram around her neck began to glove, simultaneously, the red sparks along the glove began to shimmer and the wavering pattern seemed to hypnotize her, and as she looked down, the land from the point her feet touched began to change.

    The asphalt she stood on turned to sand, the grass on the other side of the road changed to water. Roughly one hundred feet past the shore out to sea turned to ice. Mountains popped up on the horizon as a cliff sprung up past the ice, white and glittering in the sun like a crystal. Behind her woodlands stretched out several feet from where she stood, running parallel to the sand, and making her wonder where she was, for no where on Earth could possibly act like this.

    Fear walked along the beach, heading in no particular direction though keeping her distance from the tree line. She couldn't explain why, but she had a gut feeling whatever lay beyond the shrubs and trees that seemed to pick at her inquisitive side, was hostile.

    "Fear, listen to me and know I mean you no harm.."

    Her head whipped upwards as the voice came from the direction of the sea a females voice that was light and airy, though she could tell the owner of the voice was wiser than she first imagined. Her eyes trailing along the edge of the cliff attempting to find the owner of the voice, but she knew whomever had spoken had not shouted. Looking both behind her and ahead of her, she also attempted to see someone along the shoreline, but shook her head as she became confused. The voice had not been loud, but rather as if someone had stood beside her, talking in a calm manner though somehow their voice had projected from further than what was humanly possible.

    "The glove you wear allowed you to come here, your body and mind have entered a dream like state, what you humans may call a daydream. Shinigami have their own way of doing such things by meditating which allows them to communicate with their power and enter such realms like this, but each one is unique to the bearer of said power. The forest you are weary of, is a place you shall have to venture eventually, though not now. You are right to think it is not a place for a light stroll, though the corruption of the glove will pull you closer as you grow stronger, until you must face what lies within. You have taken the next step, and the one to follow shall be our meeting when you have fully mastered the glove you now wear, and after that shall be either your undoing or your success..."

    -Outside the Quincy tunnels-

    Feeling light headed as Fear's mind returned to her body, she swayed slightly on the spot a hand reaching around her to rest on her shoulder. Her immediate reaction was to pull away, her eyes wide with fear as she expected to see whatever had been lingering behind the treeline to ambush her from behind. Turning her head, she found the large brown eyes of her Father, full of worry as he searched her face for a sign of what had happened, though he found none. Instead, he lead her off to his car where he opened the door and carefully guided her into the seat before driving her home. All the while they drove, the words of the woman spun around her head, both warning her of the times ahead, while giving her something to look forward to in meeting the female being.

    "You have taken the next step, and the one to follow shall be our meeting when you have fully mastered the glove you now wear, and after that shall be either your undoing or your success..."

    Wc: 1,650

    -Gained Black Sanrei Glove-

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