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    The system works off of points. To obtain these points you post, for each 1k of reiatsu you gain through posting you get 5 points to distribute. When you start off, you have 0 points in each stat to begin. The max amount of points you can reach in a specific stat is also affected by your class

    Reiryoku attack Speed:  In order to know how fast your reiryoku attacks move simply do a simple equation. 80% of reiryoku+ 20% of Speed = X. Now when you have your value X, look up what tier of speed this value lies in. This will describe how your reiryoku based attacks travel. In many cases, rounding will be unavoidable here, so the same rule applies. Round up unless you are on the edge of the next tier, in which case you round down.

    How to calculate stats:

    This is simpler than you guys are making it out to be. You start with these stats:

    Reiatsu: 0

    Speed: 0
    Strength: 0
    Stamina: 0
    Perception: 0
    Reiryoku: 0

    For every 1,000 reiatsu you get, you also get 5 points to spend on stats. Let's say you're a tank for funsies. What does this do? For every point you SPEND on stamina you ADD 2 points to stamina. It's nice enough telling you. This is how you do it mathematically:

    Let X be the amount you SPEND. Multiply X by 2, that is how many points you ADD.

    Difference between SPEND and ADD? Spend is the amount you take from the points you gained from your weekly reiatsu rise. Add is the final amount you add to the stat.

    These two quantities are the same for every stat except your speciality stat:

    • Speciality stat for Agile: Speed
    • Speciality stat for Tank: Stamina
    • Speciality stat for Genius: Reiryoku
    • Speciality stat for Brute: Strength
    • Speciality stat for Eagle Eye: Perception

    But that was already information you guys knew from reading the RP Rules and Introduction right? So for the other four stats that aren't relevant to your speciality; for every point you SPEND you ADD that same number of points. It's just different for your speciality.

    Protip: If you're trying to decide how much to spend on your speciality; make it an even number. I don't want people coming to me and asking me why it doesn't work when they've rounded stuff because they added a decimal number to their speciality stat because they spent an odd amount on it.


    Class: Genius
    Spending 10 points on Reiryoku.
    Reiryoku increases by 20 points while only spending 10 points.

    If you must use numbers with decimal points in them, round up. This is unless that rounding up would bring you in to the next tier of that statistic (tiers are explained just below). In that case round down. (See how fiddly rounding is? JUST USE NICE NUMBERS PLEASE.)

    Agile: The faster set of characters. They get 2 points to speed for each 1 they spend. They can max out in any stat but will cap at 1 tier below the highest for stamina. Faster characters have a much higher chance of hitting what they want.

    Brutes: The stronger set of characters. They get 2 points to strength for each 1 they spend. They can max out in any stat but will cap at 1 tier below the highest for reiryoku. Stronger characters cause more damage to what they hit, do better at blocking and can lift more.

    Tanks: Characters who can last a set of time. They get 2 points to stamina for each 1 they spend. They can max out in any stat but will cap at 1 tier below the highest for perception. Characters with more stamina, can take alot more damage before falling.

    Genius's: Characters who are best at kido and reiryoku based attacks. They get 2 points to reiryoku for each 1 they spend. They can max out in any stat but will cap at 1 tier below the highest in speed. Characters with more reiryoku can use more kido at higher levels, and reiryoku based attacks will be stronger compared.

    Eagle Eyes: Characters who can perceive things going on around them at a heightened rate. They are cool under pressure and can see things coming at them. They get 2 points to perception for ever 1 they spend. They can max out in every stat except for strength.

    Once your character is approved, make a thread in the CHARACTER SHEET section with your stats in it. If you are a new player at 0k reiatsu, it means 0 everywhere. If you start at a higher rei level, you need to calculate your stats first (5 points per extra 1,000 reiatsu) and post them there as well.

    IMPORTANT: Your weakest stat always have to be at least 10% of your highest, this means that if you have 200 Strength you can not have any stat below 20 points.

    Speed:Speed has to deal with how fast your character moves and how fast their attacks move

    Strength: Strength has to deal with the raw strength of your character. Characters with more strength can lift more, cause a wider area of damage when they strike and deal more damage. With enough strength, you only need to hit someone a few times to drop them.

    Stamina: Stamina has something to do with how long your character can keep fighting. It also has to do with how much damage your character can take before they eat dirt. Characters with more stamina, can take alot more damage and continue to fight longer than others.

    Reiryoku:Reiryoku has to do with how strong your reiryoku based attacks are as well as how fast they move. This stat affects what level kido you can use, it also affects how strong your reiryoku based attacks are. Characters with more reiryoku have stronger "energy" based attacks.

    Perception: How well your character can aim and hit pinpoint strikes is decided by this. It also affects how well they can track fast moving objects. People without enough perception to keep up with their speed will only end up hurting themselves when they have no idea how far they've gone or where to stop or even understand how fast they are. People with far more perception than the speed their dealing with, things could seem in slow motion, though reacting to these things is a totally different story. Perception in no way gives you prediction skills, higher reiatsu sensing or foresight etc.

    *Please do note that this not affect your reaction time. Also note that all references to aiming in bench marks does not in fact mean attacks will ever home in and refers too your ability to aim accurately at mobile targets.


    1-10: These people are actually no faster than your average person. If you've seen those zombie moves where the crowd is running down the street, your that fast. The humans not the zombies...gotta clear that up. Maybe if you googled a couple of kids fighting in the street. You'd be that fast somewhat. Nothing special, but as long as nothing had trained...or regularly jogged everyday you'd be fine.

    11-20: This is where it begins to seem like you've had a little training. Maybe you just joined the army. Maybe you play a sport every now and then. But your physically fit. Of the average joes trying to escape the mayhem down the street, your the one in the sneakers, that's hauling ass with a fair distance ahead..assuming you are high enough into the tier.

    21-40: By the time you enter the 30's of this tier it's like you've spent the time to train and hone your speed. In this tier your like a fighter who has spent the time and focused on this. Sure you could run in tournaments but your speed is far above average. People get jealous at your speed. At the very top of this tier, you've stepped into the ground of Usain Bolt. You are now well into the spectrum of human possibility. Your speed by now at the very top and in peak condition is around 27.45 mph or 44.172 km/h.

    41-60: You are now beginning to leave the spectrum of human possibility. Your abilities are what people would at least begin to call superhuman. They would marvel and be surprised at your skill to keep up with even cars. At the centre of this tier you could run at almost 37-40 mph. At the very tip your speed begins to hit 50. Cars would have trouble staying out of your way. Shunpo and equivalents can be learnt at this level.

    61- 80: Now you are getting to get just a tad bit ridiculous in your speed. You have beyond exited the human spectrum of speed and entered something akin to a machine. Early in the tier your speed could be around 70mph but by the time you hit the tip you are moving at a blistering 100mph.

    81-120: Around this time, you are now reaching the speed of low jets or planes flying in the sky. Now skimming the speed at the very tip of this tier at at least 300 mph,Early on your still hovering in the lower hundreds. Military jets flying at cruising speed in the sky are basically what your keeping up with and it's shocking them.

    121-160: Now you are truly beginning to become someone Iconic of speed. Towards the middle of this tier you are approaching the sound barrier. Once you hit the top you are moving at the speed of sound. You don't quite shatter it yet, but boy does it try it's hardest to keep up with you.

    161-200: Brutes get capped at this level in the tier towards the top. People at the tip of this tier are beginning to enter a speed of well above the sound barrier though they don't quite double it's speed to Mach 2 as of yet. Monsters of speed they are blurs moving through the sky, closing massive distances in a few short incredibly quick steps.

    201-250: Those in the centre of this tier have finally doubled the speed limit. Decimating it so horribly once they max out in the tier that it is not heard after a while, their max speed will be Mach 2.5. Their speed is legendary and absolutely fearful as they close massive distances in incredibly short amounts of time.

    1-10: Those in this tier are sort of like you. They can perceive to things moving at a fairly decent pace. They can hit moving targets all right so long as they are not moving too fast either. Their aim is nothing special, they can hit you from a distance just they have no control where. Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

    11-20: FPS Gamers may actually be at this level, or rather military guys who have been trained. They can perceive fast moving flying by their head and do things almost on instinct. They can aim for a generally area of a human body about yards away but nothing too pinpoint, just know that can hit you fairly generally. People with 20 speed can perceive the actions of an attack. Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

    21-40: Guys in this tier have some serious movie like reflexes. Their aim is truly pinpoint as they can begin to target specific places on the body even in the heat of battle from close range. At a distance they can shoot out your legs or arms, but nothing too out of this world. Tracking fast moving objects has become increasingly easy for you. Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

    41-60: Mobile targets becoming increasingly easy to hit aiming once again for appendages with ease. Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed, those two below are extremely easily followed. Those 2 benchmarks ahead can barely be comprehended where speed is concerned.

    61-80: People two benchmarks away in terms of speed now seem like their moving in slow motion. Your aim is supreme in both close and distances combat. You can pinpoint hard to hit locations and aim with little to no error. Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

    81-120: This is something often seen by shinigami captains. Why these people can stand around for what seems like forever, picking out the best route to move. Those two benchmarks behind them in speed seem like their standing still when they focus. Their aim is truly something to watch out for as they will rarely ever miss a target no matter what they aim for. If they want to pin you too a wall from a distance, you can trust they won't accidentally eviscerate you.Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

    121-160: It seems the Uchiha have found their way into bleach somehow, (sadly). Your character in battle with someone who is in the speed tier two below them or more move in almost slow motion. Things moving at basic speeds are so slow to them it's ridiculous (basic meaning lower tiers). Their aim is starting to become legendary as they are able to pin people to buildings with kido from a distance while seemingly never aiming.

    161-200: It's getting sort of redundant here with the descriptions. Tanks are capped at this Tier. Your aim is just getting on ridiculous levels. It takes quite a bit to make you miss a target, and following things is quite amazing.Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

    201-250: Here you are, the best you can ever get eyesight wise. You will never miss a target, period, you have ample time to figure out where attacks that fall two levels below you are going, before you react. Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

    1-10: This is basically your average person who has never bothered to work out. Maybe just enough to stay in shape. Enough to hold their own in a fight of their peers maybe. These guys aren't really strong in fact on a dead list they can catch 150-200, their punches don't pack much of a punch either.

    11-20: These people have had some form of training. If you've ever seen something about army training, then these guys are basically in the military, the football players that go to the gym and work out everyday. These guys can lift a little bit more, but not much. They can bench several hundred, but no more than someone who regularly works out or goes to the gym. If there was a 1 inch piece of plywood, they could bust through it with a few tries.

    21-40:  At the lower levels, your still something above normal, but nothing super special. It's when you move deeper and deeper into the higher levels that you become something like a body builder. Lifting insane weights like 500 pounds. Throwing those who don't weight much and can't hold their own ground. At the very top of this level, thin metal is having dents put into it. Plywood holds no chance against these monsters. The true picture of the peak of human strength, these guys can overpower crowds of people at a time. A couple punches with the wrong stamina from someone at this level and you are in for trouble.

    41-60: These people are beginning to enter the scope of superhuman strength. They are able to lift several hundred pounds. Their punches obliterate wood, cause some damage to trees. 1 inch thick metal, while breaking through it would be still on the slightly impossible, they could put quite a few nice dents in it. There is no point, to trying to use a baseball bat on them. A couple knee goes and it will stab, like a twig. Their punches are like 15 pound weights smashing against your body. Their slashes cause some good damage if you can't "take" it. Trees? Not instantly cut down, might take them a while still, but it's within their scope now.

    61-80: These guys are pretty damn strong. They are able to take apart weak trees with a few swings. To those who cannot block them they get basically thrown away. You give them an arm, and it's basically snapped in half with much ease. Though that's assuming they literally grab it. They can big up large boulder and hurl them over moderate distances. One and a half inch steel with a little time will be thrown away as they destroy it. Their hits are blisteringly powerful. A good punch will throw someone a good distance, their swings are now enough to take your head basically clean off. Third seats and Vice captains are often seen at this level.

    81-120: This is a level of strength often seen by shinigami captains are the physically stronger espada. At the top of the tier, their punches will rip through steel, Obliterate plywood. Walls?, Floors? Almost any restraint that isn't kido would have some problem. The lower level of restraint kido can be dropped, with the very tip of this tier in strength. They leave small craters,  when they punch something. Their slashes are enough to cause massive damage if their target doesn't have enough stamina. Against someone in the tier below them it would be difficult. If the power difference is enough, then they could even fracture an arm from the block alone.

    121-160: People see those of this strength and consider them absolute brutes. They cause massive damage to whatever they punch. It would take something fierce and sturdy to begin to hold them in place. They can pick up large boulders and send them flying across the sky. Pick someone up and throw them at a pretty decent speed. Trees stand pretty much not much chance. If it stays up the minor shock wave will certainly do it after a couple more swings.

    161-200: Genius classed people are capped at the tip of this level in this tier. People are massively strong in this tier. Obliterating buildings and streets and breaking bones with every hit. It would take almost 4 inches of steel to hold something of this level. Assuming they didn't have a weapon to just cut through it. There are a few binding kido that they can break out of with raw strength alone. That's just to show how massively strong they are. Given it would still take a bit of energy to get it done.

    Moderately sized craters are left behind in their destructive wake, some small shock waves, remain after they strike. The true pictures of power people with this level of strength could level entire city blocks, streets...maybe even the city itself if they honestly felt like it.

    201-250: The complete max strength known the world. These people will level the earth with a punch. When they fight the landscape undergoes a powerful change. Trees stand no chance, powerful craters are formed when they hit. Even if you dodge the hit you still have to deal with the air pressure coming from it. They can cause massive waves and destroy mountains with their massive strength. If your not careful there could be nothing left over when their one but a pile of dust. Their swings could cleave you in two without much effort. Your not within 2 tiers a swing from them would shatter what you used to block. If someone doesn't have a reiryoku stat within the top 2 tiers the attack would burn right through it. These are the monsters that go bump in the night...then kill you.

    1-10: Fragile to average, these are nothing special. The average amount of stamina that you could possibly have. They can take a couple hits before passing out, and eating dirt. They can run for about a minute or two before getting completely tired.

    11-20: Someone who has had military training, someone able to ignore quite a bit of pain. Keep going with a nice gash in their head and so on. They can take a few hits, and keep on running for several, minutes at top speed. They'd still be in serious pain if a bone got broken or something along those lines though. Pain is in no way easily ignored, but atleast you can take a few hits like a boxer.

    21-40: At the tip of this tier these guys can go to the olympics. Jump hoops run for extended periods of time and take hits like no other. Heavyweight boxers that stand in a ring for 20 minutes and pound on each other are of this level. Able to ignore the pain for minor injuries and move on. While something major like a complete broken arm will still sideline them in the early stages of this tier., they can take a shut eye, lost tooth. These guys can take hits like no other. Take a bullet and keep on walking. Michael Meyers will remind you of this type of stamina. Getting shot 5 times and still kicking it with the power to stab you in the same hand with the gun to boot. Something scary by human standards. Taking baseball bats, and standing back up. The absolute top of human ability to take pain, and keep on moving for extreme periods of time.

    41-60: Now your becoming to get superhuman, completely ridiculous to regular humans what you can take. A steel beam fell on your head and your getting back up with a little blood. Someone stabbed you in the chest? It hurts a lot, impedes you a bit, but you are still fighting. Someone without the strength can pound on you for a little bit you'll still be fine.

    61-80: Now you are far beyond the possibility of a regular human. These people are generally a level of maybe a 4th seat shinigami or a fraccion. Strong enough to survive some hard hits by even people above their level. They can continue to move at the top speed, for an extremely long amount of time. It would take quite a few amount of attacks to beat on them enough  to drop them. If they break a rib  they can keep on going with almost no problem. The other broken bones would still cause some problem. While extreme blood loss affects them its still possible to fight with it.

    81-120: A shinigami V.C or third seat, would be around this level. Able to be thrown into buildings and towards the ground and still shrug it off almost as it doesn't hurt. They can lose a decent amount of blood before beginning to feel like they are about to pass out. Broken bones make the body part unable to be used, but they can still fight. A broken rib and a lot of fatigue will hinder them but they can still keep on moving.

    121-160: Shinigami captains and even Espada are looked at of this level. They can take hit after hit. Even lose a body part and keep on fighting without it. While eventually they will pass out it will take quite a bit of harm and loss of blood to cause it to happen. They can continue to go for a seemingly extreme amount of time at full swing. Take several hits by even those with total strength and stand back up...pretty badly injured but your able to keep on fighting non the less.

    161-200: Agile class people are capped at the top of this tier. They are people who can take a good hit from someone with mass strength and shake it off with ignorable damage. They can take hit after hit after hit and keep on moving. Broken bones can be ignored, and they have to lose a lot of blood. Taking damage left and right they are the tanks of the fighting world. Plowing through and taking stabs and hits and attacks and throwing them off.

    201-250: These are the very top of stamina. A massive amount, that will take on even the strongest hit and keep on trucking through. These guys will take hit after hit and keep on going. Making it seem like its actually incredibly difficult to kill them. They will ignore broken bones, keep going after losing blood, burns injuries. On some major level it's all ignorable. Stories of it actually taking to dismember them to finally stop these people. It's almost impossible to take them out. Think Aizen. For those of us who read/watch one piece, convert Whitebeard to a bleach character and make him a little better.

    1-10:  This is a pretty basic level, you really can't use many of the known spells at this level. Your attacks, don't do much if any damage really. In fact a small explosion or cutting something slightly is generally what happens to the basic stuff.

    11-20: These people are at a slightly more advanced level. Though they could overpower those below them, they really can't do anything very impressive.  Against your basic average stamina, weak defender you can harm them but not much damage. Something like a thick plank of wood or a tree could defend against you.

    21-40: At this level you are now an intermediate user. Managing to kill your basic human with just 1 hit. You can take out a thick tree with your attacks and cause quite some property damage. Ripping small chunks from stone and similar types of damage. The average shinigami is of this level, nothing really special about your skills here.

    41-60: Still an intermediate user you, have by now mastered basic kido. You are cero and bala are much stronger and can cause serious damage to a skyscraper. Ripping through several walls, and regular humans gone. Other attacks cause similar damage. But all of this damage is still manageable, and on some extent while noticeable sort of easily ignored by those to similar strength or with enough stamina.

    61-80: Becoming somewhat more on the advanced level these guys are able to cause craters when they hit. They are the ones that are looked at as the more advanced set of stronger fighters in the reiryoku area. Capable of plowing through up to 3 people without the possilble stam or strength. Their attacks rip through the ground and there would be signs of their fighting on the landscape.

    81-120:  Generally an observed levels of the vice captains. These people have a good grip on kido and are pretty powerful in their reiryoku based attacks. As it basically rips through the ground and leaves massive damage in their wake. They reiatsu based attacks, cause somewhat decent and on some level large effects, and is something to truly watch out for.

    121-160: The heavy hitters a power usually seen by your average captain. People of this level have the ability to level the landscape around them and cause serious damage to what they do. In fact they have to be pretty careful not to change landscape around them. If two people of this area collided the total damage would be extremely obvious as they cause some unignorable damage. Those getting hit still have to be careful,  as these attacks can cause some serious damage

    161-200: Eagle Eyes, get capped at the top of this tier. This is a level rarely seen and highly sought after. At the tip of this tier is some place something like the kido corps captain would be. By this point assuming you've reached the top of this tier you can use every known kido. Your reiryoku based attacks cause massive damage. The land scape is totally altered when they are done levelling the place and the collateral damage from a lot of their attacks alone is enough to completely scare every person. It's something scary to see the area of damage they can create, brining down cities. Though they are strong enough to match those in the highest tier

    201-250: This is the absolute highest level for reiryoku available to people. These people will destroy cities mountains and other things. Their attacks, ceros and other parts cause some ridiculous damage. the area is totally changed when they are done fighting. Sometimes if they go all out enough it is impossible to tell the difference between a war zone and where they just got back from fighting. A true place to fear, being at the height of this tier your presence alone cause small rocks and dust to kick up and be near them.

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