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    Post by Fabled on Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:08 pm

    If you think your luck is up to the test, and you want to try and improve your character through the power of luck alone, then this is the Topic for you. Here, you can apply for various things depending on your Race. So far, what we have to offer is:

    Regeneration - Arrancar
    Segunda Etapa - Arrancar
    Split Soul - Arrancar
    Dual Ressureccion - Arrancar
    Dual Zanpakuto - Shinigami: 1-20/11 to succeed
    Vizard Test - Shinigami
    Arrancarization - Hollow


    As it has been shown in the canon, certain beings can evolve and change race through a special process; shinigamis can acquire hollow powers and become vaizards while hollows can acquire shinigamis ones and become Arrancars. These race are meant to be slightly stronger. However since arrancar are the main bad guys we will allow people to transform into them with time. How long one remains a hollow before deciding to remove their mask and turn into an arrancar via a 1500 word post is up to them, but it will affect what they can achieve in the future as seen below.

    - Hollow to arrancar transformation is now 100% with arrancar never receiving a boost for the initial transformation.
    - 41,000- 50,000 = can apply for Arrancar: 100% & Regen: 30%
    - 51,000- 60,000 = can apply for Arrancar: 100% & Regen: 35%
    - 61,000- 75,000 = can apply for Arrancar: 100%, Regen: 40%, & Segunda Res: 35%
    - 76,000+ = can apply for Arrancar: 100%, Regen: 40%, & Segunda Etapa: 40%

    Possible chance of redemption at the roll for Segunda Etapa: Must be a reasonable explanation IC towards how you would logically have a chance to redeem yourself to obtain it. There s a 6,000 word count minimum towards as well as a formal explanation to a mod on why you deserve it. You may only post for redemption once per rp characters life.

    All I can think of for now.

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    Post by Fabled on Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:11 pm

    Doing this for Hana,

    Dual Zanpakuto - 1-20/100 for success


    Congratulations!! You passed with a 12 Smile

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