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    Hollow/Arrancar Introduction Empty Hollow/Arrancar Introduction

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    Hollow/Arrancar Introduction Coyote_Starrk

    Hollow (虚 (ホロウ), horō) are a race of creatures which are born from Human Souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to Soul Society after their death and stay in the Human World for too long. They are corrupt spirits with supernatural powers which devour the souls of both living and deceased Humans. Hollows settle in Hueco Mundo, but can cross over to the Human World and Soul Society. Hollows are the opposite of Humans.
    Hollow Abilities:

    Cero – 15,000 Reitasu
    Meaning: Zero
    Description: The practitioner fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target from their mouthes.

    Pesquisa- 300 WC
    Pesquisa functions similarly to sonar, through a radiating pulse sent outwards from the user which reacts to sources of Reiatsu within a certain proximity, allowing them to determine the location of any sensed individuals and granting them an indication of how powerful they actually are.

    Indice Radar- Must know Pesquisa to learn this - 500WC, 250 creating the yellow trail, 250 making it lock onto someone.
    By thrusting his index finger into a grounded surface, Nnoitra Gilga can generate a luminous yellow trail which rapidly extends outwards in the direction of another individual's Reiatsu. Once connected to the desired target, he can use this to not only discern their general location, but also accurately gauge the amount of Reiryoku which said person possesses.

    Descorrer - 1,500 WC
    Meaning: Loosed Void
    Description: A technique used to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

    Sonido (瞬歩, Sound Ceremony) is the Hollow equal to Shunpo. However, there are variations even within Sonida which only master practitioners can use.
    - Must have 41 Speed to learn
    - 750 WC to learn
    - Can be reduced by 10% if taught by another RPer IC

    Negación (反膜 (ネガシオン), Negashion; Spanish for "Negation", Japanese for "Counter-Membrane") is the beam used by Hollows to rescue their comrades. Only the Gillian Class have demonstrated the ability to use Negación. Negación are square beams which engulf the target in a towering beam of light which completely isolates them from the dimension they are currently in, making it impossible to harm them from the outside of the impenetrable pillar. The field draws those within the interior towards the Menos which created it.
    - It is HOLLOWS ONLY for the confused this does not include any form of Arrancar.
    - Only for menos class, meaning you can't use it until you get to be a gillian.
    - Each hollow gets 1 USE in their entire RP lives. Meaning that one time you use it, it's done, until you restart.
    - Negacion CANNOT be used in Hueco Mundo or any Hueco Mundo stationed area (i.e Las Noches).
    - Other than that it can be used to reach anywhere, though the user must be in Hueco Mundo for it to be used.
    - When used the negacion can take up to 4 people away (even mid battle) at one time. Though that still counts as your 1 use, whether you take up 1 person or 4.
    - You cannot break out of or into an negacion.
    - You CANNOT use it to kidnap people. You can only take up people that you are aligned with, or if something like, a hollow knocked out a shinigami and holds then as they are taken up occurs.


    - This is the automatic level that all 'Spirits' that start in Hueco Mundo start at.

    -At 15,000 reiatsu you may achieve this permanent level up.

    -At 25,000 reiatsu you may achieve this permanent level up.
    Vasto Lorde:

    -At 60,000 reiatsu you may achieve this permanent level up.

    The Arrancar (破面 (アランカル), arankaru; Spanish for "To Tear Off", Japanese for "Ripped Mask") is a Hollow that has removed its mask and has gained Shinigami-like powers.


    As it has been shown in the canon, certain beings can evolve and change race through a special process; shinigamis can acquire hollow powers and become vaizards while hollows can acquire shinigamis ones and become Arrancars. These race are meant to be slightly stronger. However since arrancar are the main bad guys we will allow people to transform into them with time. How long one remains a hollow before deciding to remove their mask and turn into an arrancar via a 1500 word post is up to them, but it will affect what they can achieve in the future as seen below.

    - Hollow to arrancar transformation is now 100% with arrancar never receiving a boost for the initial transformation.
    - 41,000- 50,000 = can apply for Arrancar: 100% & Regen: 30%
    - 51,000- 60,000 = can apply for Arrancar: 100% & Regen: 35%
    - 61,000- 75,000 = can apply for Arrancar: 100%, Regen: 40%, & Segunda Res: 35%
    - 76,000+ = can apply for Arrancar: 100%, Regen: 40%, & Segunda Etapa: 40%

    Possible chance of redemption at the roll for Segunda Etapa: Must be a reasonable explanation IC towards how you would logically have a chance to redeem yourself to obtain it. There s a 6,000 word count minimum towards as well as a formal explanation to a mod on why you deserve it. You may only post for redemption once per rp characters life.

    Dual Res, Soul Split
    This is the Hollow version equivalant to Dual Zanpakuto. The "Starrk Deal" aka splitting your soul in 2 upon arrancarization will now be associated with a randomizer similar to that for dual zanpakuto gain.
    - test can only be taken on Vasto Level
    - has a 15% success chance.

    (帰刃 (レスレクシオン), Resurekushion; Spanish for "Resurrection," Japanese for "Returning Blade") Releasing the core of an Arrancar's ability sealed in their Zanpakutō to regain the original powers their Hollow form. They often take on a form closer to a Hollow than a Human after performing Resurrección.
    - Must post a 1,500 WC learning
    - Release unlocks 10 ability slots
    - - Resurreccion Release boost: +12,000 reiatsu and +12 to all stats note that this numbers will not be doubled by your class and speciality skill.
    Segunda Etapa:

    Segunda Etapa (刀剣解放第二階層 (レスレクシオン・セグンダ・エターパ), resurekushion segunda etāpa; Spanish for "Resurrection: Second Stage", Japanese for "Sword's Release: Second Level") is literally the second stage of the Resurreccion that is even stronger version of the Resurreccion.
    - To even attempt to have a second resurreccion you must stay a hollow all the way up until you are a Vasto Lorde and if you pass the Arrancar test at this level, you can then roll for Segunda Etapa, with the varying percentages of success shown in the spoiler above.
    - Is a roll to obtain
    - Must post a 1,500 WC learning
    - Release unlocks 3 ability slots
    - Those with Segunda Etapa will be permitted to have two extra ability slots useable in this form only, on top of the basic abilities. 1,500 words to obtain.
    - Resurreccion Release boost: +15,000 reiatsu and +15 to all stats note that this numbers will not be doubled by your class and speciality skill.

    Notes: High Speed Regeneration as we see in the manga/anime is not fit for rp’ing purposes as it is unbalanced. As such separate guidelines have been set up to account for this in an attempt to make the skill more balanced

    High Speed Regeneration: The ability of Hollow’s or vaizards to regenerate injuries at a rapid rate of speed. This ability is voluntary, as if they do not wish to heal the wounds the wounds themselves will not heal. For roleplaying purposes clear guidelines about how fast and what exactly can be healed must be outlined. This will outline all one should need to know about HighSpeed Regeneration.

    What can it heal?

    On this forum, what can be healed will be limited. Damage to internal organs cannot be healed by high speed regeneration. As such shots to the heart, kidneys, brain etc that damage the user will remain damaged. Blood does not return, as such blood loss will affect those with the skill same as any other. Skin, appendages, broken bones, muscles even major wounds are all injuries however that can be healed via it’s use.

    How fast can I heal?

    Different injuries will take a different amount of time to heal based upon severity. A conversation chart that can be viewed below has been set up for your convenience.

    Minor cuts and Bruises= 1 Post
    Moderate Cuts/Fractured Bones= 1.5 (1 post+ 300 words) Posts
    Major wounds/Gashes, Broken Bones= 2 Posts
    Shattered Bones/ Severed Appendages= 3 Posts

    Does this strain you?

    Healing will take stamina, causing somebody to feel tired and draining them of energy. Meaning if someone intends to let themselves become cut up simply cause they will heal, their character will become tired from the constant healing. Also take note that blood does not return via regen, so bloodloss still affects characters. You are also not immune to pain by any means.

    Ranks for Arrancar are picked by those who wish to have that position, if someone has a position you want, you simply fight them for it. Lord of Hueco Mundo may be taken by any Espada over 100,000 Reiatsu.

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