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    Fullbring (完現術 (フルブリング), Furuburingu; lit. "Full Manifestation Art"), enables them to manipulate the souls contained within matter. Everything, even rudimentary objects such as lampposts and chairs possess a soul, however small. By using their power to “pull” on this soul, Fullbringers can manipulate the object's movement or even alter its physical characteristics. For example, Fullbringers could have a beverage assist them in drinking it by pulling on its soul, drawing it into their mouth. Likewise, by pulling on the soul of water, Fullbringers can walk across its surface without falling through. Many more feats are possible, making the technique highly versatile. Unlike other spiritual beings, Fullbringers use their power with their physical bodies. Because of this, they must train extensively to build up their stamina so they can use it properly. While all Fullbringers are born with this power, the age at which they come to realize it varies. When Fullbringers die, all traces of their abilities disappear from the world. However, they do carry their abilities into the afterlife.
    Fullbring Abilities:

    Incomplete Fullbring:

    - Must be 25,000 Reiatsu
    - Must post a 1,500 WC learning
    - Release unlocks 5 ability slots when activated
    - Incomplete Fullbring release boost: +4,000 reiatsu and +4 to all stats note that this numbers will not be doubled by your class and speciality skill.
    Complete Fullbring:

    - Must be 60,000 Reiatsu
    - Must post a 1,500 WC learning
    - Release unlocks 10 ability slots
    -when activated gives a boost of: +12,000 Reiatsu and +12 to all stats, note this number is not affected by class or speciality stat.
    Buringā Raito

    Buringā Raito(瞬歩, Bringer Light) is the Fullbringer equivalent to Shunpo. However, there are variations even within Bringer Light which only master practitioners can use.
    - Must have 41 speed
    - 750 WC to learn
    - Can be reduced by 10% if taught by another RPer IC



    - This is the automatic level that all Humans that have been born with the power of a hollow.
    Sub Leader:

    - Must have a minimum reiatsu of 40,000 to claim Sub-Leader
    - If there isn't a Fullbringer Leader, seek out a moderator for approval.
    - Sub-leader Bonus: +5 to all stats note that this numbers will not be doubled by your class and speciality skill.

    -You MUST have a minimum of 65,000 reiatsu
    - Must have been the sub-leader of the Fullbringer, unless permission is otherwise granted.
    - Fullbringer Leader Bonus: +10 to all stats note that this numbers will not be doubled by your class and speciality skill.
    - Fullbringer Leader Boost: 1 time +10,000 leveling up boost to reiatsu.

    Life After Death:

    In general over many Roleplay Bleach sites, it is quite often found that the Shinigami own the most numbers, closely followed by Hollows, with few Humans at all. It is because of this reason that I wish to say that should a Human wish to stay Human, instead of dying, then when they die they keep 100% of their Reiatsu, and only one change needs to be made to their Application. So, if you planned on becoming a Shini or Hollow later than most in the RP, but don't wish to die and lose the Reiatsu, we now allow you to stay Human for as long as you wish, until you wish to change, and move to another Race. Please note this is only for people wishing to be as Humans past the general 15,000 Reiatsu mark for death.

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