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    Rules and Regulations - Read Carefully!


    Rules and Regulations - Read Carefully! Empty Rules and Regulations - Read Carefully!

    Post by Fabled on Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:33 pm

    Character Creation.

    1) To participate in the RP Universe you will need to complete a character profile. Below you will find a character template for each race in this RP Universe, the templates are guides so do not hesitate to spice up your own character profile. Please refer to the Introduction Topic for more information.

    2) Please don’t start posting until your character profile/application form has been approved by one of the Moderator Team. Purely because your Application may not have enough detail, or needs some minor adjustments etc.

    3) Before anyone jumps the gun, I would like to inform those who are new to this RP, that you may not start out as a Vizard or Arrancar. You must first go through the system of being Human, dying (or in the case of those who are Human with powers, you must obtain them.) Once you have done this you start out at the bottom of the ladder, for Shini you begin in the Rukon, and for Hollows you are in the Desert of HM as a new Hollow etc.

    4) Once you have fully completed your Application, please make sure to either mention in chat, or to a Moderator that it is complete, and when we have the free time, we will happily look over it for you.

    5) Once your Application has been approved, be sure to create a Character Sheet, which details your Reiatsu and general information about your character that others may need, or simply wish to know. To do so, either find the section on the home page, or click here: https://bleachnewera.rpg-board.net/f4-character-sheets

    6) Once your Application is approved and your Character Sheet has been made (though the Character Sheet is not compulsory straight away.) A Mod will add your name to the BNE RP Ranks, which is where you can see your characters gain in Reiatsu after each week.

    Posting&Topic Stuff

    1) Have fun here on BNE, we have a stat system that can allow newbies to learn as they go along and welcome veteran members into the community with a relaxing and easy system to play with. If there is something you don't understand we Mods will tell you if you have done something wrong, and will advise you on how to change it so it doesn't happen in the future. We understand everyone is a learner, be it if they have hundreds of years RP experience, or are fresh to the way things work. These rules are just guidelines, and can only be used as such, so in each post do as much as you can possibly imagine, and enjoy what you type, for we will enjoy reading it.

    2) All RPG and RP content should be kept separated from each other, and thus have respectable sections of the forum for such content, as we know how messy the RPG can become at times. Please make sure to double check which section you're posting in before typing.

    3) Here on BNE, we like to push each person to do their best, and as such there is a 100WC minimum per post, though if you wish to do your best, try type as much as possible and see how big a post you can create.

    4) The Moderators have the right to nerf or call BS on any of your stories that are too broad/would not realistically happen for this RP. Especially considering there is a leveling system. They will give you a list of reasons why in the Thread or in a PM so that you will be allowed to edit your post.

    5) Each Dimension has a timeline, which keeps everyone running at the same speed, and makes a better flow of things. For example, if an explosion was to happen in Seireitei, all Shinigami would need to post about this explosion, it allows events to run along side each other more smoothly.

    6) If you're posting with someone, and their character says something, you may only refer to it in your post, by saying.
    "Mr A listened to Mr B, thinking as he did so before formulating an answer."
    After which you would have your character speak. The reason this is not allowed is because you didn't type the original words for that section, and so are not allowed to claim the WC for it.

    7) When you leave a post to move to another, have your character exit the scene, either by walking out of a door, using Shunpo/Sonido to move away from the area. It allows for things to move more smoothly than just simple saying "Left Thread." Also it gives you a beginning line for your next post.

    8 ) Leaving any thread is an attempted exit. Meaning characters can try to stop you from leaving, whether or not you were in engaged in combat with them or not. Meaning any exit leaves a chance for somebody in the topic to respond too it. Be it a friendly conversation over tea or a battle to the death.

    9) Kido: Sekienton, and Kyakko, are not an automatic escape from the thread, as a higher ranking person could still sense you.


    1) EVERYONE CAN DIE! Not everyone is a badass like Ichigo, and thus everyone on this forum may die at some point. If your character does die, take it on the chin and move on.

    2) When you enter a Topic, you may not attack another person in your first post, you can only block or defend from an incoming attack.

    3) Anyone looking to take part in combat, may not attack anyone under 30k Reiatsu who is below them. Sparring on the other hand is allowed.

    4) If in combat you may not edit a post if the other person has already replied, it is best not to edit a post in multi-person Topics for it can cause confusion and forcing everyone after your post to edit theirs.

    5) When in the presence of a stronger being than yourself, their Reiatsu effects your body both in combat and out of it

    6) Starting at 20k Reiatsu you are able to lower your Reiatsu's pressure by 15% of your max. This way you can hide your full potential from your opponent.

    5-10k Stronger = Difficulty breathing, feel more fatigued.

    11k-20k Stronger = Further fatigued, limbs feel heavy.

    21-40k Stronger = Body is forced down, usually onto one knee, struggling to breath, requires a lot of effort to move limbs.

    41-60k Stronger = Vision begins to flicker, taking short, shallow breaths, on both knees bent forward.

    61k+ Stronger = The stronger they get after this the less you can see, 80-90k+ is when vision gives up completely and simply switches off until the Reiatsu disappears. Pinned to the floor unable to move anything, breaths become few and far between, in short gasps.

    Things you can or can't do.
    1) May Post your Attacks and Defenses at Any Time within Reason.

    2) May Decide if attacks dealt upon your character is hit, within reason. By this I mean, if someone is 10k below you, it could be a close parry or dodge, if they are 10k above you, it's more than likely to be a hit.

    3) May call upon Moderators to help decide the outcome of a post/fight.

    4) May NOT decide whether "your" attacks does any type of damage or hit your opponent.

    5) May NOT control your opponent in any way. For instance, if you was to grab your opponent by the throat, lift them up and throw them, without their permission, that would be against this rule. Illusion abilities are strictly forbidden due to them controlling the opponent's senses.

    6) May not use an attack that your character doesn't know yet. For instance an Academy Student using Shunko in class, would be a big nono for us. Stick to what you know people.

    7) If using an ability, put the ability and what it does at the bottom of your post, it gives the other person quick access to the information they need. Just simply putting "Check Char App/Char Sheet!" Will not be allowed and is sloppy.

    8 ) Meta-Gaming, is where your character does something that he or she shouldn't be able to do. For example, if your character didn't know their opponent had a weakness against Bakudo, but you read it in their Character Sheet, and you use Bakudo in the fight. That is Meta-Gaming and is not allowed, keep what you know, and what your character knows, separate.

    9) If you don't post something, but refer to it later on, this will not be allowed. If in a spar you pull out a gun that you hid under a counter, yet you didn't post it at the beginning, or several posts beforehand, it will automatically be seen as none existent.

    If anyone is seen controlling another, or breaking a rule that is deemed of great important such as controlling another, the first instance they will have 5k Rei docked. After that it will double per instance until your character is no longer alive to do anything.

    Death of Your Character

    As I mentioned earlier, everyone in the Roleplay can die! We have come up with a system that prevents your death being as painful as it could be:

    If your character dies in combat, against another Roleplayer, we will give you half the Reiatsu that character had for your next character. If half that Reiatsu ends up with XX,500 we will round it up to give you basically 1k extra just to brighten everyones death slightly. Once your character has died, you can either pm a Moderator, telling us you wish to use that same character again (memories or knowledge of previous life are not allowed!) We will message you back once we have checked your Character Sheet has been altered to show your now Reiatsu. If you wish to restart, that is fine, just simply re-do the Character Creation process, mentioning in the App your old character died in combat and wish to use a new one. We will give that character half the Reiatsu of your old one. Very Happy

    Word Count Submissions

    1) Each person is to keep track of their own Topics and Word Count for the week. Posting their Word Count here: https://bleachnewera.rpg-board.net/f5-post-submissions Before Sunday midnight GMT.

    2) Failing to do so will result in your Word Count for the week being void, and this rule will not change. Those who do get their Word Count in on time, shall find within 24 hours their new Reiatsu in the Ranks page.

    3) When creating a Word Count Topic, please follow the guideline below so to keep the Moderator's work more simple.

    RP Name:
    Character Application:
    Words in thread:
    Words in thread:
    (Continue this for each Topic you post in
    Overall Word Count (The total amount of Word Count you have obtained over the course of the week.)

    Rank And Boosts Acquired this Week (If you obtained Captaincy or Vice Captaincy, Shikai, Bankai etc, post it here.)

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