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    Post by Fabled on Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:52 am

    First and foremost, welcome to the Bleach New Era Role Play Section. If you hadn't already guessed my name is Fear and I'll be your Moderator/Useful Assistant during your time reading this topic.

    To begin with I'll give a quick lowdown on how to get started here at Bleach New Era, though I highly suggest you read the rest of what I have to say before you go off on a rampage.

    Unless you have never seen a Bleach Anime, or read any of the Manga, or have just generally never heard of anything with Bleach itself, I'll tell you what Races we have to offer:


    Shinigami tend to be the "good guys" of the Bleach Universe, for they fight Hollows and allow the departed souls of the living to pass "on" to the Soul Society. The Soul Society is a very large place, where the spirits go to (often arriving in the Rukon district) If they are good enough they go to the Shinigami Academy to be trained to become one, and eventually join one of the thirteen court guards, who protect the Soul Society.

    Hollows are always seen as the "bad guys" in the Bleach Universe for they are always looking for souls to devour. This is because a Hollow always has a hunger inside them which can only be content by devouring the souls of departed living beings. If you choose to be a Hollow in the RP, you will begin as a normal Hollow, who has just arrived in the desert of Hueco Mundo. There you will fight for survival against other Hollows until you go up to Gillian Rank (15,000 Reiatsu) You will continue to gradually increase in rank until you reach Adjuchas, where you may take the randomized test to become Arrancar.

    Vaizards are Shinigami who have gained the powers of a Hollow. Vaizards were once enemies of the Soul Society, due to them using Hollow powers, however, after the war against Aizan the Soul Society changed its views on this, and even allowed three former Captains to regain their positions. Surviving in the World of the Living, a Vaizard aims to improve how long they can utilize their Hollow Masks which are the source of their new found powers. A Role Player must first be a Shinigami until 60,000 Reiatsu before being able to take the Vaizard test.

    Arrancar, are Hollows who have gained the power of Shinigami (see a pattern developing here?) By removing their masks a Hollow takes on the form of a Human being, usually wearing white clothing, and having a fragment of their mask somewhere on their person. By doing so, they gain "Ressureccion" which is their release (like a Shinigami's Bankai) which increases their power tenfold. Not only that but it gives them access to a load of other nifty things which are very helpful along ones career. A role player must be a Hollow until 30,000 reiatsu before they can take the test to become an Arrancar.

    For those who prefer a bit of long range rather than up close and personal, the Quincy race is for you. Quincy use bows, which are made from Reishi (spirit particles) and use them to fire arrows made of the same thing. This race, instead of purifying Hollows when they kill them and sending them to the Soul Society like the Shinigami do. They destroy their souls, which is why the Shinigami hunted them down and almost exterminated them due to them doing the complete opposite things. Upon reaching 30,000 Reiatsu, this race can gain the abilities of the Vandenriech, which are Quincy who have the powers of Arrancar and gain new techniques and abilities along the way.

    This race is quite different to the previous ones, for they are Human the entire time they are used in any form of Role Play. To gain their power, this race usually have an item on their person which holds sentimental value (though of course you can do things differently) When they unlock their powers, it gives them their incomplete Fullbring, which can be anything you wish it to be. From there, your Character can join Xcution, the faction made up of Fullbringers or you may wish to go it alone and take out Hollows by yourself, the decision is yours.

    This race, like Fullbring, are also Human but unlike the Fullbring who unlock their power and usually have a part of them change, Bounts use dolls to do all of their fighting. To begin with, your doll will be around you as a separate entity and the Character usually controls it from a distance in order to remain safe in combat. However, once they reach a certain point, they can "merge" with their dolls, and gain their powers first hand, making them a very useful race.

    Seen very little in the Bleach Universe, this race offers a wide scope for imagination as almost nothing is known about them. Starting in Hell, the Togabito fights other Togabito whom are less intelligent in order to gain in power. Once 15,000 Reiatsu, they can move onto the next level of Hell, where harder enemies await, and as their career goes on, they move onto the next floor, then the next and so on. Upon leaving Hell, a Togabito must where a mask, and certain outfit in order to mask its presence, or the Guardians who's duty it is to Guard the gates of Hell and search for runaways, will find you and use chains to drag you back down.

    Creating a Character
    With that out of the way we can move on, and hopefully by now you will have some understanding of which race you want your character to be. In order to begin Role Playing here on Bleach New Era, you must fill out an Application, with all of your characters details. After posting it a Moderator like myself will either approve it, meaning you are clear to begin posting as your character. Or we will tell you what needs to be altered before checking it once the changes have been made, and hopefully approving it then.
    Character Templates can be found here: https://bleachnewera.rpg-board.net/f4-character-sheets
    Simply copy and paste the contents into a new topic here: https://bleachnewera.rpg-board.net/f3-character-applications
    Once you fill it out with the title as the name of your Character, be patient and a Mod will get round to looking at it hopefully very shortly after you posting it (as we want to get you into the action ASAP!)
    If you are unsure of anything feel free to pm a member of staff who are glad to help with any queries you may have, or simply look at another persons Application to see how they did it (but please, no copying!)

    The System and How it Works:
    Alright, now you hopefully have your Character set up and ready to go, I'm going to explain the system and how it works. As you write you Characters story, doing whatever it is you feel like making them do, you will be increasing your characters strength! (That's right, if your Character has a cup of tea, or even goes to the toilet, your Character will be getting stronger!) This is because the words you do increase your Reiatsu level on the ranks.
    For Characters:
    -0-34,000 Reiatsu, you can gain 5k Reiatsu per week.
    -35,000-100,000, you can gain 3k Reiatsu per week.
    -100,000+ Reiatsu, you can gain 1k Reiatsu per week.

    Word count for the separate levels:
    1,500 for 0k-35k then it will go up to 2,500 per 1k for 36k-65k then it will go up to 4,500 per 1k for 66k-100k+

    I know these increases per week may seem relatively small, but you have to remember we are trying to keep things balanced here in the RP. Should someone reach 100,000 Reiatsu, and they still gain 5,000 per week, they will increase at the same rate as a new person. By doing this it keeps everyone at a rough level pegging, and allows those who are weaker in the RP to catch up with those whom are stronger.

    Reiatsu in the early stages
    After you make a character, you start at 0 Reiatsu, a Human somewhere in the world going about their daily business. As you post going about whatever it is you want your character to do, you slowly begin to increase in Reiastu. By 2,000 you are able to see feint shapes floating around and during training you can begin to see things more clearly by 5k. by 4,000 you can see every being clearly, including Hollows and Shinigami. When you reach 5,000 you can kill off your character or remain Human, either way you can be whatever race you want to be and start your Career in the RP properly. Bounts gain Super human strength at 3k as well as Quincy can begin their Holy Training at 3k to use their weapons. Fullbringers can begin to grow affiliation with their item for Fullbring, all training for these three races will take 2k to complete thus finishing their training at 5k. Shinigami and Hollows go directly to their races at 3k but do not have any powers for until 5k.

    How is this done?
    Usually whenever you do a post, you count up the amount of sentences in that post and put the total at the bottom. At the end of each week. (Deadline is Sunday midnight GMT) You post your grand total for that week in the Sentence Submission Thread found here: https://bleachnewera.rpg-board.net/f5-post-submissions Please remember to include: Your Characters name, a link to where your posts are, the amount of sentences per link, and a grand total at the bottom. Usually on a Sunday the ranks will be updated, and all of the topics in the SC submission thread will be deleted. When this happens, check the ranks page to find your new Characters Reiatsu under the race you picked at the start.

    What makes Bleach New Era unique to other Bleach RP sites?
    We here at BNE are proud to say our stat system is like none other! We use stats as a guideline, merely showing what range of things your character can do, but the rest is entirely up to your stat system, which means no prolonged hours working %'s from your Reiatsu level. This means that you only have one number for your stats which gives everyone an idea of what your character can do, depending on what tier that stat falls into, to bear in mind when doing things throughout your RP career. Of course, there will be those who might try and God Mod their opponents, but we Moderators will be quick to correct, or punish where need be, those who attempt such things. This system allows you to use your full imagination, without ties preventing you doing what you want your character to do, SO ENJOY IT!

    Please make sure to read through the other pages in the Rules and Ranks section for other important information. If you have any queries about anything related to the Role Play, feel free to PM myself or another member of staff, good luck!

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