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    Post by Kianji on Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:03 pm

    Kainji had awoken. It seemed like he had been out for 2 days. He could actually breath now. Although he didnt really know if he needed it. You know, he was kinda dead. He got up and looked around. He was in a room in the Kurosaki Clinic. But where was Isshin?


    Then Isshin came walking into the room. Could he see him? He had forgotten about most of how he got here. But his death still stuck in his head. Isshin sat down in a chair beside the bed. And looked directly at Kianji. Surveyed him up and down. What was he doing?

    "Your Soul is getting stronger and stronger by the minute. Did you know, when you died, the sword you held was somehow melted to the ground? And the rhubarb you got impaled by fused with your innards?"

    Kianji looked puzzled. The sword had melted? It hadn't felt hot to him? Then the rhubarb that he was impaled by melted to his insides? What does all this mean?

    "You are some kind of special. You know that? Your powers, are something else. The last soul I've seen.." Kianji interrupted him by putting his hand up. "What do you mean, I'm not the first? You've dealt with more...... Souls?" He felt a pit in his stomach. Could he actually vomit in soul form?

    Isshin then stood up. "This is what I mean." He took a small blue pill like thing and swallowed it. There was a flash of light. He looked again and saw two Isshins standing in front of him. Kianjis jaws dropped. "Wha...."

    "I am a Shinigami. Protecter of souls and Purifier of Hollow."

    Isshin then stood there in his new uniform while his body went elsewhere. Still gathering all the info into his head. "So your telling me. That all this time.... Those zombies... Those innocent military men... You could have helped them? You could have stopped it with one finger. Dont think for one second i cant feel your power... I have always been able to feel something about you and your family. But Now I know why."

    Isshin thought to himself. "He can feel my power? And how is he still standing? How strong was his soul?"

    Kianjis soul began to glow a red color... Heat waves rippled from him.


    Isshin took a step back. "I wasnt allowed to intervene with my powers. It could have effected the souls around. Soul Society ordered me not to. I couldnt save any of my friends."

    The heat cooled down and Kianji sat down. What was that?

    "Isshin, what is all this? What am I meant to do? Why havent I moved on?"

    Isshin looked at him. "Well, you have special powers, something that can help Soul Society Greatly. I have soul buried alot of people. I couldnt have done it to you because your soul would have been damaged in the process."

    It was all coming together. Everything for some odd reason was falling into place and making sense. It baffled Kianji of how accepting he was of this. It could be the fact he was dead and sitting in the clinic having a full on conversation with a living human. OR so he thought.

    "So when is my soul going to be stable enough to send me to this Soul Society?" Kianji added a little sarcastic twist to his words. Isshin chuckled a little. he got up and walked out of the room. Came back in about 10 minutes later inside his body.

    "Does that hurt? You know. Going in and out of your body like that?"

    "Cant feel a thing..." Isshin was still curious. How could Kianji stand his presence as a new soul? What power does he had? That heat rolling off him. What was that? Was it the same that caused the metal to melt? Maybe one of Isshins friends knew. This was going to be a difficult situation.

    "Kianji, we are going to make a little trip. Going to a little shop to do a little shopping."


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