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    Protecting the Hospital! Empty Protecting the Hospital!

    Post by Kianji on Sat Oct 26, 2013 12:13 am

    Kianji was walking around his patients rooms and checking in on them. He got a call to be transferred to the Emergency room, they needed help bad. He rushed as fast as he could to the ER. As he was walking he saw the people staring out the windows, some had their cell phones out. he over heard someones conversations.

    "Whats going on? Whats happening?"

    One person was on speaker phone, "Turn on the news! People have risen! Stay where you are! Your Safe!"

    What exactly was going on?

    He reached the ER. Looking over the room, he saw many people with bite wounds, broken legs, cuts, bruises and some even holding their heads and chests.

    "What is going on?!" Kianji shouted, then one person spoke up.

    "I dont know how to explain it, I was on a routine call, and the guy had pulled out a gun, and I shot first and he went down. I turned around and called for an ambulance. I heard a shuffling and I looked back. HE WAS STANDING! His eyes had changed. He had changed. He startd walking toward us, grunting... I warned him and warned him. I shot more, in his chest and he kept walking like it didnt hurt him. he attacked my partner, ripping his arm open with his teeth and eating it! What kind of monster does that!! Hekept going, my partner finally shot him in the head. and it just stopped. He died of blood loss... i came here because after that i was attacked, i wasnt bitten just beaten up and bruised"

    This was, upsetting, and confusing to Kianji. Was he talking about Zombies? The walking dead? Really? Could this be happening? He had the police on speed dial, but he had an uncle as a general in the military. He pulle dout his phone and called him.


    "Sir, do you know whats going on here?"

    "Kianji! Yes i do! I have sent a battalion your way, enough to barricade the hospital and enough ammo to blow up half of america."

    "Thank you sir! Stay safe and see you soon!"

    He hung up the phone right as the battalion arrived, they set up the barricades in no time at all. After he knew it it had a 10ft fence surrounding the hospital. And a quarantine area for all the patients that had been bitten. The ER was almost empty when there was a scream, a person had turned. Kianji looked horrified as he watched a patient that just died in front of him rise from the table. He grabbed a scalple and stabbed him in the back of the head before he could hurt someone.

    Some people stared at him. and others looked horrified. "If anyone turns near you, head shot... Everyone here has seen the shows. Unfortunately this has become a reality. If you had been treated and are feeling well enough sit in the right corner of the room. If you have been bitten, Move to the Quarintine part outside. If you lie about being bitten, this will be you. I cannot put others at risk for your lies! I will do my best to get you better and get us through this. My name is Kianji Umeko, Owner of Umeko Hospitals. Please follows these rules and no one will be harmed!"

    He looked over to the nurse and motioned her over. "Take all the parents and small children to the pediatric floors. If they have been bitten move them out, Sargent Jialle will assist you if there are any problems."

    Both of them said "Yes Sir!" Then he motioned for two more nurses, males this time.

    "I want you to take the adults that are treated and arent infected to the 6th floor, that floor is now a living unit. Take these five army men with you to keep order when giving out rooms."

    This took care of the people in the hospital. And he looked at 6 more nurses. "I need you as a team to work outside with the army nurses for injuries coming in. We wont allow to many, only what we can handle." They nodded and left to do what was assigned.

    Kianji worked feverishly to help the people, but he knew the people that were sent over to quarantine, what was going to happen. He had to prepare himself. After he was done inside he walked outside to see what was happening. As he walked out, there was a chilly wind and the petals from the sakura trees were floating around. But there were people  begging to get it the fences and then there were some zombies as well. A Sargent walked up to him and handed him a belt with two guns, knife and other things. He was thankful that his family were all safe on the top of the hospital in their home. He had built it up there for convenience.

    Then what he feared had come true, of the left side, a group of about 4 zombies had broken through, the guys fixed the fence as quickly as it broke. Kianji took action, he shot with the precision of an expert marksmen and hit the zombie right in between the eyes, as he did so for the rest. "Burn the bodies... We have to maintain control."

    He then walked over to the fence and suggested they opened it, 10 more people came trough and were searched. None of them were bitten, thankfully. Kianji then walked around, gathering information from the officers about the surrounding area. Nothing was safe, the people in the High rise buildings were safe. The power plant was safe. Good thing too. Even though the hospital is covered in solar panels. And has about 15 feilds of solar panels and wind turbines powering it. Not to mention the water turbines. So it had an ample amount of power. Only one of the few ideas Kianji came up with to save the company.

    Then his cell phone rang. Isshin Kurosaki...... What was he calling for?


    "Isshin, everything alright? The girls? Ichigo?"

    "Yes they are fine, we are actually on the way to the hospital. This is crazy, I never thought this was gonna be real!"

    "Good, Come one, I could use your help! The girls and you can stay in the house, there is plenty of room. The hospital is secured by the military. Ill be at the fence."

    "Ok, we are about to be there. We are about a block away."

    As kianji hung up, he turned around to see a sargent in his face. "SIR, as you know the quarentine area has been taken care of, the zombies around the hospital eliminated. and the people taken care of and are safe. We will remain on high alert and await orders from you and your uncle."

    Kianji smile and said "Thank you, My orders to you is to patrol the fence. I will be expecting a guest at the west entrance. Please send anyone who is not busy for extra protection."



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    Post by Kianji on Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:35 am

    Kianji walked around the outside of the hospital, just rounding the fence. He had 10 doctors, including himself and Isshin. His daughters were up in the house safe and sound, they had plenty of food and water. In fact there were several Green houses and gardens on top of the hospital.


    "Kurosaki, How are the girls?" He asked this because his dad had been friends with their family and they practically grew up side by side.

    "They are fine, comfortable. Thank you for letting us come here. The clinic got overrun. And then Ichigo disappeared. But that boy can take care of himself."

    Just then a scream that rattled Kianjis bones pierced his ear. He looked over to see a woman runnign with a stroller in front of her. She was being chased by 4 zombies. This was getting to be a real pain. And the fact that she had children with her. This was unforgivable. Kianji whipped out his guns so fast that the woman just stopped mid scream. and dropped to her knees. Unharmed. The zombies dropped as well.

    "Are you bitten?"

    The woman sat there....


    The woman looked up, "N....N.....No! Please help me!"

    As Kianji ran over to the fence the military came running to the scene because they heard the gun shots. He opened the fence and let the woman in. She had triplets. Two boys and a girl. He then looked to the Soldier standing there.

    "If i hadnt had been an expert marksmen she and her children would be dead. Where were your troops? Why werent you patrolling the area? I told you to look for survivors. You were under a direct order!"

    Kianji apparently scared the boy. He was frozen, another soldier spoke up. "We were.... were..." Kianji stood up, helping the woman to her feet. "You were what? Playing around? Like this isnt serious? You have seen the shows and movies. You know what happens and how it gets. How dare you put these peoples lives at risk! Get your act together. If you think My uncle is bad, You have yet to see me. I am the Head of the house and the worst Umeko to piss off. Now go to your posts."

    He looked over to Isshin who looked slightly scared and proud at the same time. Then he looked at the woman. "Come on dear, were are going to get you a room for you and your children, if you are hurt the nurses will take car of you. The babies have plenty of food here so dont worry." The woman walked to a nurse who helped her into the hospital.

    "You handled that like a true leader. Your Father would have been proud. But i guess i am being paged."

    He was getting a call from his girls. They checked on him every 20 mins.  Making sure he was ok. These girls seemed to be content with what was happening. Like they had seen worse than this. What could be worse than this? The dead walking? The world going to shit. Hell Kianji didnt even think to check what happening beyond the city limits. Was it a world wide thing? Was it just the town? Or Japan period? Then a Sakura petal landed on his cheek. He blacked out for a second. then came to. Still standing in the same spot. What was going to happen to the world?

    "Dr. Umeko!"

    He shocked back into reality. When a nurse came running out. "We have a woman in labor in the ER! We need you in there!" Hed didnt notice any pregnant women before, she must have been in the bathroom. Kianji ran with the nurse. Looked at the woman and felt a chill run down his spine. This woman he had seen before. She had been here. She was his Sister.... From another marriage. His father wasnt a very faithful man. But his mother was fine with it, because she wasnt a faithful woman.


    "Kianji! The baby is coming!"

    He got all the nurses to set up the area where they could not be seen. It was to late to move her. After delivering the baby, they finally got her into a room. "Piper, why didnt you tell me you were pregnant?"

    "Ahh, you know me, dont want to bother anyone. Dad always avoided me, so I assumed after you took over that it would be the same."

    "Never, you are always welcome here. Now rest and regain your strength."



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    Post by Kianji on Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:55 pm

    After the care of his sister, they both were transported to the house. He and Isshin walked back outside to watch for more survivors.

    "My uncle will be here in about 4 hours. Then everything will be tight around here. More protection and trying to expand the barrier."

    "Ahh, old man Umeko. He will be a site. HA!"

    Then out of the corner of his eye he saw something. Something in the sky. It wasn't clear... What what was it? Was it something of the military? No it looked like some sort of huge animal. He glanced over to Isshin. He was looking directly at the spot he was.

    The he heard some sort of Screech. The 6 zombies burst through the fence and headed straight for him and isshin. Instinct kicked in. He jumped into a back-flip. Mid back-flip he pulled out his gun and shot one in the head. another came from the side, the gun clicked. DAMN! its empty! Help flipped over the side as he did, he kicked it in the head. Sending it toppling in a heap of blood. Another went for him.

    "Damn there are no end to them!"

    Where was the military?! Kianji had been hopping around like a mad man. Flips, Kicks and combos to take the zombies down. Ishhin was doing the same. Where had he learned to fight like this? They had taken out more than 15 zombies. and more of those invisible things had shown up. What were they?

    Finally they had defeated the last horde of zombies, only to find out they had breached into several places. Well, there was his answer. The military was busy. so blood spattered. and out of breath Isshin and Kianji repaired the fence and helped dispose of the bodies. Why was this happening. What did the world do?

    "As long as they didnt get into to hospital. and Everyone is safe!"

    Kianji walked into the front to welcome his uncle. the helicopters landed in an open field beside the hospital. Kianji had ordered the military to clear it out and create a border. His uncle did indeed arrive with a Calvary.

    "Kianji! Boy, its good to see you in one piece. And it looks like you have secured the area. Great job! My word, is that Isshin Kurosaki. I haven't seen you in years! But all the formalities will have to wait. We need to secure that apartment building, my scouts say its emptied out, brand new. That can be used for people that need a place. A hospital room isn't a place for a family. Supplies is here and will will be taking it. I brought a team of electricians for re-routing some of the power. We will beat this horror."

    The people got to work so quick and captured the complex. It was a 20 story high rise. and it housed all of the people that were sleeping in the ER and more. The nurses took the bottom floors. the fence was put around it as well. Military posted around the building heavily armed. A semi-narrow walkway made of fence connected it to the hospital. Lined outside with spikes. So it was protected.

    "Now, its time to get  everything fortified."

    Kianji walked with Isshin into the military office to discuss some tactics.


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    Post by Kianji on Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:53 pm

    Kianji walked out of the office to see all hell. Zombies were breaking down the fence. Military were killing left and right keeping them from entering the hospital. Kianji grabbed what was closest to him. He unsheathed the sword and began chopping.

    He nearly got bitten. Was this a last attempt to eradicate the zombies? Lure them all to this hospital? There were innocent people here. Why bring them here. Then he heard an explosion. Coming from the school area. He had hoped that everyone was ok. The things in the sky were still there. What were they?

    "Hollows.... You can see them cant you?"

    Now that he mentioned it. They had came into full view right after he walked outside.

    "You called them hollow? Why is that? What are they? Why are they here?"

    Isshin had a blank look about him. "Souls.... Souls of the fallen. Thats why there are here."

    With a horrified look on his face Kianji thought. SOULS? What is Isshin Talking about? These things are the bringers of death?

    "Like Reapers? They take the souls to the here after?"

    Isshin still blanked faced "No, they devour them... to make themselves stronger. They come...."

    As he said that, Kianji watched in horror. He could see them eating something. They had dove to the ground to get something. Well in this case someones soul. This pissed him off.

    "So they just devour? What monsters!"

    Isshin looked down. A fait red glow glinted in the sword. Then a hollow attacked. Swooping in for Kianji.

    "I dont think so..." Kianji had sliced right through the hollows head. Isshin had been knocked back into a wall. He stood up astonished. This man, he had taken down a hollow... Something... Without being a soul... Unheard of. Then he did the same with another. This was... well... Surprising.

    After slicing and dicing the zombies broke through again. Kianjo was pushed to his limit. People were gonna die. This was unforgivable! Unbelievable!

    Kianji went to slice another one but was hit and slung about 20ft into the air and landed on a wall. He was knocked out cold. He was in and out. He heard voices.

    "Dr Umeko!"

    "OH MY GOD!"

    "Get him down!"

    He opened his eyes, they were blurry, he happened to look down and saw he had landed on a wall with the rhubarb exposed. It had impaled his chest. He was lifted on a wall, blood dripping down the wall. Then he passed out. He felt like he was dreaming. Floating in the air. He felt great like he was in a spa. The air rushing past him felt so good. At least, he thought it was air. What was going on? Where is everyone? Was he dead? Or was this what it felt like to be knocked out? Dead.

    He woke up again, on the ground this time. Something was different. He looked down at the place where he was impaled to see a chain connected to something. Kianji followed the chain to the same wall. He looked mortified. He saw his body, hanging there on the wall. He dropped to his knees. Thinking only of his family. What would they do? Isshin walked up to him, in a black robe with a sword on his side.

    "Its time we get you up to speed on things." He severed Kianji chain at a good 10 ft. Then from what he could see appeared at Isshins clinic. Inside he was put in a bed and he fell out once more.


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