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    Kirito Gekko
    Kirito Gekko

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    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:18 am

    Character Template:
    Character name:
    Personality: (5sc at least)
    Appearance: (5sc at least/ or a picture. either shall do.)
    Bio: (10sc at least. NOTE: This has to be about your human life. Seeing as we all start out as Human at 0k Rei :3)

    Race Templates:

    Race: Shinigami
    Zanpakuto name:
    Bankai name:
    Shikai Abilities: (5 only)
    Bankai Abilities: (5 only)

    Race: Hollow
    Release name:
    Hollow powers: (3 only)
    Resurreccion powers: (7 only)

    Race: Bount
    Doll name:
    Doll powers: (5 only)
    Merged Form Powers: (5 only)

    Race: Quincy
    Normal/Black Sanrei Glove powers: (5 only)
    Quincy: Vollständig powers: (5 only)

    Race: Human
    Fullbring Name:
    Incomplete Fullbring Powers: (2 only)
    Semi-Complete Fullbring Powers: (3 only)
    Perfected Fullbring Powers: (5 only)

    Race: Togabito
    Demonic Renegade: (2 only)
    Hells Resurrection: (3 only)
    Devils Domination: (5 only)

    Character Templates Gin_Bleach_Signature_2_by_Harty73

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